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April 30th 2012
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Journey 2 part 2

Bangkok to the Cambodian Border at Aran have yet to make my mind up how I am going to achieve this !

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The planned trip/route
Well here goes my first entry.

After a pretty non eventful flight from London with Ethiad, it landed in Abu Dhabi late which gave me nearly no time to get through the airport and security to catch my ajoining flight to Bangkok. I did manage to get a fag sneaked in though and was pretty relieved and then pissed off when I got on the nearly full plane and the flight attendent announced we would be late on this flight too as we were waiting for another 20 passengers from my previous late flight .....I could have had another fag ! probably best really as I nearly passed out from inhaling it so quickly in the glass coffin they called the smoking room. I am pretty sure they thought I was pissed when I walked out, I really wasnt I was dizzy from the smoke ! Cant grumble about the flights I slept through most of both had free whisky and plenty of leg room. The food wasnt bad either but then I have always loved the food on planes :O)

Landed in Bangkok and the humidity hit me straight away and I Love it, the flight was a

Itinerary of trips, travel time and distance - places I really want to visit on route
little early ( hows that work ? ) and my airport pickup was not there that hit me too, after walking the terminal back and forth several times I decided Id have another fag and then make a Plan B. Plan B it was to be ...a metered taxi from the Airport to my hotel, after a few minutes I figured something wasnt right because i had google mapped the hotel when planning the trip and knew it wasnt far. The lovely driver then decides to pull up and ask me for the address again we go I thought another rip off cab driver ! I had the number for the hotel so I got him to ring it, as it happens I dont think he was trying to con me in the end and the fare was only 130 THB which is nothing and only 30 THB more than the hotel would have charged me. Sorry cab driver !

The hotel room is fantastic and the hotel Orchid Resort is close to a great big market seven eleven and bars, so I had a quick poke around the room, shower change and I was out the door. I dont feel uncomfortable at all here walking around on my own, and no one is staring at me. Got myself some Thia Beer and Lychees for the hotel room when I get back. Its a pretty residential area not many tourists around and I actually prefer that. Everything is open and it wouldnt be back home another reason I love it here, there are food stalls everywhere but I dont really have the appetite yet. I am actually gutted I didnt book to stay a few more days ...even though its my third trip to Thailand I had forgotten how much I love it and the people. Had to ask several people for an internet shop cafe each time being told something different so decided to give up and go back to hotel...and would you believe it its two bloody doors down from it DOH ! so here I am typing :O)

I have a 5 am alarm call tomo ready for the road trip to Cambodia, so its back to the airport bus terminus in the morn to catch a coach to the border crossing at Aran and Poipet. Im hoping to taxi share from there onto Siem Reap its the only part of my trip that concerned me a bit. So tomo will be an interesting day !

Not much else to add today... grumbles the body lotion i bought exploded thank fuck i put it in a plastic sealable bag nothing ruined :O), my phone battery has died and it wont charge on the poxy two pin plugs. HIGHS so far all of it really but mostly ....the smells from the food the sound of crickets and warm air, the price of fags, the stray dogs everywhere... I love Thailand :O) and now im off to drink my beer and dream of Cambodia.

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2nd May 2012

Mum's Happy
you sound so happy to be there.I hope the next part of your journey continues to have the same effects on you. I am so pleased for

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