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Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong January 21st 2024

We were besieged with offers of lifts when we arrived at Sihanoukville station but Steph ordered a tuk tuk via an app to take us to the port. We had pre booked an express trip to Koh Rong, an island about 45 minutes from the mainland. They was a flurry of activity at the dock with various sized boats arriving and leaving. Getting passengers and luggage on and off the boats was done swiftly and efficiently. We boarded at the back and the luggage was thrown along a line of employees to be stowed in cupboards on both sides of the boat. The journey was smooth and quick. We were staying on Long Set beach with a jetty next to our hotel and we were the 2nd stop. We were met on the jetty and checked ... read more
Happy New Year
More NYE fireworks
Setting off one of the many Chinese Lanterns

Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong December 24th 2023

On Christmas Eve we set off by taxi to travel to a bridge on the river Preat in the Southern Cardamon Mountains National Park. Having experienced unsurfaced and pot holed roads outside Battambang we feared the worst but the roads, for the most part, were surprisingly good and there was even a toll road. The journey took about 6 and a half hours passing rice fields and through various small towns. We stopped at a petrol station which was a mini services with decent toilets and a small shop. The last hour and a half was akin to driving through a building site as the new road is under construction. We were very glad to reach our dropping off point where we were picked up in a long boat. We were taken swiftly along the river ... read more
Petrol station
Toll road
Toll booth

Asia » Cambodia » West » Pailin June 9th 2019

After having spent over a week in Bangkok, Chantaburi and Koh Chang, I decided to leap on the Cambodian side from Pailin. I took a bus to Chantaburi and then asked several times from the bus station staff how to get to Ban Paggard/Pailin border without a tuk-tuk taxi. They all said there are no buses..but I explained I could change the bus...ok then one guy told me where I could jump off and change the bus. Meanwhile I went to eat rice vermicelli soup..but after taking the first mouthful it tasted like spearmint bubblegum..wonder if it was done by mischievous kids or just someone accidentally dropped the gum to the soup. Guess if I ate it or not? Well, my bus started promptly... I arrived to a gas ststion middle of nowhere..I asked where and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » West » Kaôh Kong December 6th 2017

One of the highlights of my trip Angkor Wat is the foremost and most visited center of attraction in Cambodia. It is the largest religious monument in the world and the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Angkor Wat is now a significant national symbol of Cambodia. Angkor Wat was originally created as a temple of Hindu, and it is still stuffed with stone reliefs and statues of Hanuman, Shiva, Ganesh, and the Apsaras. After Khmer Empire disintegrated, Angkor Wat was then changed into a Buddhist temple. Over the centuries, the temple has still been in use, and there are still some observations and ceremonies for both the Hindus and Buddhists. King Suryavarman passed the order for the Angkor Wat temple to be constructed, and he made it his official capital city and temple. Its location was ... read more
Bus ride cambodia

Asia » Cambodia » West » Kaôh Rong June 27th 2017

Our high speed ferry zoomed us to KRS in no time and we immediately checked into a gorgeous bamboo bungalow in M'pai Bay. Weed is as good as legal here and they sell it in the local "supermarket" so no guessing why we spent 10 days on this island. M'pai village is the only local village on the island and was absolutely picturesque. There are no roads and only a handful of motorbikes so had a really unspoilt community feel. Once we'd stocked up at the supermarket we watched a beautiful sunset from Dragonfly Bar and then the rest of the night (and the 10 days following for that fact) was spent lazing about feeling happy and sometimes hungry, enjoying island life. After a few nights in M'pai village we walked down the coast and through ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » West » Kaôh Kong June 26th 2017

After our extremely uncomfortable but less hair raising 4 hour taxi ride in a 5 seater car with 8 people (including baby) we arrived in Koh Kong. Our first impression of it was the that it was a bit of a dive. We hadn't planned on staying here but figured we wouldn't have enough time to hitchhike to Sihanoukville so went out to explore. We did find some delicious street food - BBQ sticky pork, pickled vegetables, soup and rice (standard) all for £1 which perked up our spirits. After our feast we then got a tuk tuk to take us to the Mangrove Forest. This place was definitely worth the visit. It was eerily quiet aside from the popping of air bubbles through the marsh. With hundreds of thousands of crabs all shapes and sizes ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong June 23rd 2017

It soon became clear why we had been so unsuccessful hitching a lift to Osoam, the "road" was more of a 4x4 Land Rover experience course, except we were stuffed into a saloon car with 6 other people! The taxi driver didn't seem at all phased by the craters and swamp patches. He was happily chatting and laughing steering with one hand for the duration. 2 hours and 40km later we were greeted by Mr Lim (the legend). He greeted us with a massive smile and after showing us to our rustic but charming bungalow his wife Kanya quickly hurried out with some dinner, absolutely delicious! We spent the rest of the night chatting to Nick, an expat who now runs a dirt biking business from Lims community centre. The next morning we realised in the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong February 4th 2016

The path is bumpy and sandy. I lurched and squealed and shut my eyes in the scary parts. Scary parts: crossing bodies of water on a tire-wide concrete bridge with narrow rails on the sides for balancing with the feet. My second godson from Chi Phat, Rat, is an excellent motor bike driver. He has driven the path to the Wildlife Alliance Animal Rehabilitation Station, 7 kilometers outside of Chi Phat many times, so we arrived safely. First thing I noticed were the ducks toddling about (a source of eggs for the workers there), and then the hill myna birds who greeted us. These noisy black birds flash orange sideburns. They are fond of communing with the guests, perching atop motorbikes, luggage, chairs, and heads. Mr Souen, one of the caretakers, greeted us with a radiant ... read more
A gorgeous hornbill
Macque with Youngster
The Great Hornbill Enjoys a Scratch

Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong January 30th 2016

My Cambodian friend Neeri asked me if I missed my home in America. "No," I said. "Right now this place is my home." She and members of her family smiled. They came from a city far away to cook for me and be with me during my visit to Chi Phat. Despite all their family problems and worries, they have embraced and welcomed me into their lives. Even language does not seem to be a barrier. Our fondness for one another needs no words. My home. That's how I will continue to think of Chi Phat as I spend the next few days here, at the edge of the Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia. I volunteered here last year for two months, which allowed me to share in the lives of many. The family who runs ... read more
Tokay lizard snags a big bug.
Flower with edible berries
Purple berries, purple tongue

Asia » Cambodia » West » Koh Kong December 18th 2015

Of all the places we have been, we really fell in love with this place and the idea behind it. It's set in the Cardamom mountains which are home to wild elephants :) Once notorious for logging and poaching, it is known an eco tourism spot for trekking, elephant spotting and homestays. We arrived here from Kep, the bus dropped us at a wooden hut in Andoung Teuk which felt like the middle of nowhere! Lucky for us, the girl in the hut served us coffee and showed us the long boat :) People in this region are very friendly and kind. We got on our longtail boat with a couple from England and a local female captain (I love how there is gender equality in the jobs here, we've seen female construction workers building the ... read more
Longboat to Chiphat
Sweet girl at our homestay
Sena, our guide

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