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June 9th 2019
Published: June 9th 2019
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After having spent over a week in Bangkok, Chantaburi and Koh Chang, I decided to leap on the Cambodian side from Pailin. I took a bus to Chantaburi and then asked several times from the bus station staff how to get to Ban Paggard/Pailin border without a tuk-tuk taxi. They all said there are no buses..but I explained I could change the bus...ok then one guy told me where I could jump off and change the bus. Meanwhile I went to eat rice vermicelli soup..but after taking the first mouthful it tasted like spearmint bubblegum..wonder if it was done by mischievous kids or just someone accidentally dropped the gum to the soup. Guess if I ate it or not? Well, my bus started promptly...

I arrived to a gas ststion middle of nowhere..I asked where and when the Ban Paggard Cambodian border bus goes. They told me it doesn't run today..some nice locals ended up giving me a lift and dropped me at a police station. The officers told me to sit down and I just realized my mobile phone was left in the car that just drove away!!

After communicating with the poorly working English-Thai Google translate we ended up chasing the car for a long time without any results. They had stopped the entire road while searching my phone. Then they took me to a bigger nearby police station, where ofcourse nobody spoke English. We still used the Google translate that was translating everything wrong. Finally they received a call that the phone has been found and that it would be sent in two days to me. The ogficers drove me to a nearby motel where I was supposed to stay for two nights. Next day after I was already up at a nearby place, the police sought me and handed me my phone, phew!! Excellent service!!

The police insisted that they'd take me to the border so I agreed. Now I could happily cross the Cambodian border and arrive to Pailin, from where I took a car to Battambang.


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