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Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo January 20th 2018

Day 10. Takeo. Saturday 20 January. 77km Away at 8am. In at 3pm. The ride out of Phnom Penh took us past a roundabout monument commemorating Cambodian Independence. Not quite as hairy as the ride in and out into the countryside close to the Killing Fields of yesterday. I think that every day our Guide Channi has taken us along a different route to the one used in 2015 and supplied to all riders. Today was the same and we are glad of it because it is off the main roads and very enjoyable despite being on dirt roads. The guides have said they like our group because we will go anywhere and do not whinge. We get the same comments in Japan because all CTC are competent riders who enjoy the riding. One dirt track ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo » Sla December 10th 2013

My thanks to Travelblog for adding Sla to the location database! My morning began with a 5:00 AM tap on the door and a plaintive student asking if I had water. No, I did not, and no one did--running water, that is, not drinking water. The hotel was able to reset this, but I had already "showered" in the sink with just a dribble. I still don't have hot water, but I've stayed in several Cambodian hotels that run only up to lukewarm so I don't have an expectation of a hot shower. Today is International Human Rights Day, which in Cambodia often means protests. I knew of three this time around, with two large ones centered near Wat Phnom. Therefore, we went south and out of the city at 7:30 this morning. It took two ... read more
On the Road
Cultivation, from Wat Chisor
Krishna and Arjuna

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo November 29th 2013

So we never made 11:00. In fact we never even came close. Dima was an hour late, then after a quick stop at the ATM, the gas station, and a not so quick stop at the port (we had to buy crab you see. My girlfriends family lives in Phnom Penh, our first stop, and if I don’t bring some fresh crab from the beach town they might just eat me instead) we were on our way about 1:30pm or so. I hate starting a road trip in Cambodia that late because it ensures that you will be driving at night at the end of the day, something that’s not all that safe in Cambodia. I’m not even sure what is the most dangerous part of driving at night in Cambodia. It could be the complete ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo November 9th 2013

As we peddled the creaky used-bicycles down the quiet streets toward the NFO Children's Home my mind wandered in a thousand directions – I was nervous, why was I nervous? I have taught children for many years, on different sides of the planet in fact, and here I was about to volunteer my time for free to Cambodian orphans and I felt a fluttering in my stomach – what am I going to do with them? Do I know any fun games? I hope they like me… The day previous we said goodbye to Mr. Ox, Stronger John and the rest of the family at Castaways Beach Bungalows on Otres Beach II in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. We arranged transport with Mr. Ox’s assistant at the Bungalows - a quite fellow who poured beers, drove a tuk tuk ... read more
RIP Neville
At the Children's Home
Local Children

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo October 17th 2011

It’s wedding season in Phnom Penh. For the last week we have listened the festivities taking place in celebration of a couple of newly-weds as they pitched a great tent behind our house which has barricaded the whole street this past seven days. These billowing structures have sprouted like weeds around Phnom Penh. Usually florescent, always noisy. Some containing as many as 1,000 guests! We’ve been learning things re: Cambodian Wedding Tradition, in dribs and drabs from our Khmer friends and students. For example, as we passed a “smaller” wedding in the province yesterday Soriya told us how the music playing at that time indicated how the wedding party were acting out the cutting of the bride’s hair. So, it is early morning as I sit in bed writing this now, sweating and itching sat under ... read more
The silk weaver's hand
Straight and Tall

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo September 28th 2011

I've been in Cambodia 10 days now... and although I knew I would love this country... am amazed how much I reeeeeally love this country. The people are just incredible...the happiest people... they smile and laugh at everything... even when it rains to the point that their town is under water and their homes and shops are at risk. The children are just adorable. I want to adopt one already (or maybe 3). The original idea was to go to Vietnam... and then possibly pop over to Cambodia.. however this trip has ended up being mostly Cambodia (for 1 month... or just under... I can stay 30 days on my visa) as I found voluntary work teaching at this orphanage in Takeo, which also meant that I could meet up with my little sister, Kim, who ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo August 2nd 2011

On Sunday morning I decided to go for a cycle ride through some villages near Takeo. It had been raining most of Saturday and was still raining quite a bit today so most of the dirt roads to the villages were pretty muddy and the bike was quite dirty by the time I got back. Since I first arrived in Cambodia I had been struck by the number of very large ornate entrances at the side of the road. At first I had assumed that they were just the entrance to the houses of wealthy people but I now realise many of them marked the start of access roads that lead to a village or group of villages. As I cycled along, I chose an entrance-way and cycled down it. Many of the fields in this ... read more
Bullock cart
Village Shop

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo July 31st 2011

On Saturday I decided to have another day off for a bit more sight-seeing. I had read in the Cambodia guide book about a Buddhist temple built at the bottom of a limestone outcrop containing many caves, so I decided to make that the focus of a day trip. The temple is called Wat Kiri Sela and is just outside a town called Kompong Trach. After asking around I learnt that get a bus to Kompong Trach I would first need to get to another town called Angk Ta Saom. This town is on the main route from the capital Phnom Penh to the coastal resorts in southern Cambodia, and the buses that travel that route make a rest stop at Angk Ta Saom. I was told that a bus should arrive at about 9am so ... read more
Hidden valley
The limestone outcrops

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo July 26th 2011

Well the last thing I expected when planning to come to Cambodia was that I would be teaching computing but that's the way it has turned out. Just before I arrived, a group from a high school in Australia had been here and they had brought with them to donate a number of laptops that were no longer wanted. When the director leaned that I was a computing teacher, he asked if I could organise some basic computer lessons for the orphanage children. The laptops were all in different states of organisation in terms of software; most were Windows PCs but there were also some Apple Macs. I spent about the whole of last Sunday checking them all out to see how many I could use with the kids. They all had some old contract anti-virus ... read more
Cambodian buildings

Asia » Cambodia » South » Takéo July 24th 2011

A Day Off Since the monks' English class only seems to run Monday to Friday I decided to go and do my first bit of sight-seeing on Saturday. Takeo province is very flat and low-lying so it is always affected quite badly in the wet season. Cambodia basically has only two seasons, the dry season and the wet season, and we are currently in the middle of the wet season. To the north of Takeo there is a year-round lake but the farm land to the east, as far as the Mekong river, floods dramatically during the wet season. There is also a major canal starting in Takeo and running east. About 20 miles to the east there is a small town called Angkor Borei which straddles this canal, and this was where I headed. Near ... read more
Angkor Borei
Phnom Da
Phnom Da

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