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December 13th 2012
Published: December 13th 2012
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From Koh Tonsay we met up with the other guys in Kampot. It's a super cute little town on a river. If we were on our own we probably would have stayed for a few days to check out the surrounding area but our group was eager to get to Sihanoukville so we only stayed for one night.

Sihanoukville was absolutely insane. We met back up with Dan and Avi (from Minnesota), Danielle and Hannah (from England) and bumped into Jordyn (a Canuck we partied with in Hoi An, Vietnam and is renting a house in Snookyville). Our group found great accommodations at Family Bungalow (minus the Brits who were staying at a different place) and basically took over the whole establishment. It has 7 or 8 rooms and we took up 5 of them. Having so many people with us was unbelievably fun!

We all got extremely intoxicated on our first night there. The drinking started at lunch/dinner when Jahan bought two bottles of whisky. From there we went down to check out the beach. Serendipity Beach is lined with different bars. They all have satellite chairs covering the beach. There are people all over the place either drinking at the bars or playing in the water on seadoos or on a floaty banana being pulled by boats ripping around. As soon as we found a place to all sit we were surrounded by kids selling bracelets, fireworks and sunglasses and ladies selling fruit, massages and kramars . Since we were getting kinda drunk by this time it was really funny bartering with the kids, arm wrestling them and playing tic-tac-toe. When we had finished our whisky we headed to Utopia, a bar that serves 25 cent beers from 9-10pm. They put on a great fire show! After Utopia we continued on to Dolphin Shack where I don't think anyone paid for a single beer. The promo staff were handing out free drink flyers so all we had to do was walk out to the beach, grab a flyer and head back in to the bar for another free beer. On the walk back from the bar we found a hot dog vendor on the main strip, this guy was frying up hot dogs and onions and we couldn't resist. It was the best hot dog ever. A couple of the guys got into a minor altercation with some ladyboys and a tuk-tuk driver but we all made it home in one piece.

When we woke up the next day we walked around to the different rooms to make sure everyone was alive and shared funny stories of the previous night. That's when we were reminded of Avi puking all over himself as he walked out of Utopia (and that was at like 10:30). Way too much fun!

Most of our crew wanted to lay low for the day but the British girls were up for going to the beach. The four of us grabbed a tuk-tuk to Otres Beach. Otres Beach is about 8km away and is absolutely beautiful. It is a similar set up to Serendipity, but much much more relaxed. There aren't as many hawkers and the vibe isn't quite as intense as the mania of Serendipity Beach. We had a great time lounging on beach chairs and cooling off in the beautiful clear blue ocean. Danielle got her armpits threaded which was hilarious. She said it was the worst pain of her life but we could have assumed that from her yelps every time the woman pulled out a few hairs. The girls stayed on the beach when we headed back into town. Paul was set to arrive around 4 or 5 and we wanted to be there to welcome him. By 5:00 we were convinced he was either lost or having a horrible bus ride. When we finally saw him roll up in a tuk-tuk we all hugged it out and headed back to our bungalows to catch up. Paul already knows Jaf but he was quickly introduced to everyone else as we sat around and chatted. Since it was his first day he wanted to check out the beach. The three of us walked down to the beach while everyone else grabbed dinner at an all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant – 90% of our group refused to go back to the beach after the craziness of our first day.

Tyler has known Paul since before they could walk and Rebecca has known him for about 8 years so it is extremely refreshing to have one of our best friends around to travel with for the next month. While we had a couple of beers on the beach we all bought bracelets from a few young girls, it was impossible to say no.

When we went back to see what everyone else was doing they were still not doing much. Since it was Paul's first night in town we had to party again so the three of us basically repeated the first night all over. It should also be mentioned that our friend Nicky got a job at Dolphin Shack on our first night so she was serving up some free drinks the second time around. After partying at Dolphin Shack for a while and taking in a fire show and some mud wrestling we were pretty hungry so we headed back to the main strip and had some amazing pizza. The guys couldn't wait for it to cool down so they both burnt their mouths. Paul may or may not have almost fallen asleep at our table, but he was still adjusting to the time difference so we didn't bug him too much.

Day Three! Jaf, Jahan, Matt, Seb, Dan and Avi went on what they thought was going to be a fishing trip but ended up being a boat tour around three nearby islands. A few people they were on the boat with were sold a “snorkelling adventure” so apparently everyone was a little deceived. They had a blast nonetheless and it might have something to do with the two cases of beer and bottles of whisky they brought on board. While they were on their adventure we went back to Otres Beach. Paul was blown away by Otres. We floated around, laid on beach chairs and read our books all day in the sun. It was another awesome Sun-day (Sun-day's are days we spent at the beach)!

When we got back into town half of the guys were napping and the other half were contemplating napping. Jaf told us about their boat trip and we chilled out for most of the afternoon. At 7:30 Jaf's date was set to arrive. It wasn't actually a date, it was a girl he met on the boat that wanted to hang out with us but we bugged him about it being a date since it was funny. We went with Jaf, Paul and Vicki to dinner at Mango Cafe. It was really nice and the conversation was great. Travelling with so many people keeps us very entertained. Paul and Jaf split a bottle of wine; they're so cute. When we had finished dinner it was 9:00 and what better to do at 9:00 in Snookyville than get 25 cent beers at Utopia? We headed back for cheap beers for the third day in a row. It was the beginning of another crazy night. We played pool and watched another amazing fire show. After Utopia we went back to Dolphin Shack where there was a massive party. They had an extra bar, stage and DJ booth set up on the beach. Paul played some beer pong, Rebecca danced the night away, Tyler kept up the conversation with Jaf and Vicky; Nicky kept the drinks coming. Once in a while Nicky would show up with a vodka redbull and say “See ya at the bottom!” aka chug.

What a Gong Show! We had to leave. Snookyville was going to destroy our livers so we decided to stay on Otres Beach for a while and detox. Jahan, Seb, Matt and Jaf went to Phnom Penh but Jaf will meet us later in Siem Reap. The British girls are also going to meet up with us in Siem Reap hopefully. Dan, Avi, Paul and us found a great bungalow right on the beach and we are going to lay in hammocks for the next three days.

Xoxo Ty+Becs (Jaf, Seb, Jahan, Matt, Paul, Nicky, Dan, Avi, Danielle, Hannah)


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