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September 19th 2010
Published: May 26th 2012
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19th Sept: Up early 5:45 am, ouch! Got picked up to go to the bus station quickly and easily. Bus left on time at 7:45, which was nice. THe journey was okay, took 5 hours, but freezing as they had the air con blasting. Had the Cambodian version of the clampits sitting across from me. When I arrived in Sihanoukville I got a tuk-tuk to take me to a random guesthouse, i.e. the one he got commission from. Wasn't a bad place, got me own bungalow for $5 and it's a two minute walk from the beach. I dumped my stuff and headed down to the beach. Had a short wander along the beach and then stopped at a beach cafe for some lunch. Lunch was washed down with a few ice coffees to keep me awake. Since I had reached the end of the beach I decided to wander along in the opposite direction as the beach seemed to stretch on forever. Loads of people hassle you to buy stuff as you walk along the beach. But the kids shouting hello is cute. After a nice long walk, I headed back to the guesthouse for a well deserved nap. That evening I headed down to an Indian restaurant that I had spotted on my way to the beach. Had a nice beer and then a foot massage before bed.

20th Sept: A very lazy day! Got up around 11 and went for some brunch. Headed down to the beach, the beach is really nice, but it's a bit annoying that you can't really just lie on the sand as there ain't much room. So you are kind of obliged to go to one of the cafes or bars that have sunloungers and umbrellas. I picked Khin's Shack and spent the rest of the day lazing about on a sunlounger, reading my book, sipping fruit shakes, and taking the occasional dip in the sea to cool off. Pottered around at the guesthouse in the early evening and then went for dinner. I am in heaven in southeast Asia. So much seafood and so cheap, I had shrimps with garlic and butter. I have never seen so many shrimps on one plate before and it was only $3.50. Bargain! Decided to have an oil massage after dinner. It was really nice and relaxing, although I did feel sorry for the poor lad having to massage my beefy thighs! Then it was beers before bed.

21st Sept: Yet another lazy day! Was up around 10, had brekky and headed down to the beach. Went back to Khin's Shack. Spent the day lazing about on the sunlounger and reading my book. Enjoyed a lovely mango shake. When I was looking through the menu, I noticed that they do a "happy" range at the back, i.e. filled with weed. Had a lovely dip in the sea. It's so nice and warm. Spent a few more hours sunbathing before heading home. Got the next for day sorted out. Booked a trip to the islands for tomorrow and a bus ticket for Kampot for the day after. Decided to have a Khmer massage. It was really nice, but a little bit painful at times. Seafood Amok curry for dinner, very nice but too hot (temperature, not spiciness) and the weat was pouring off me. Must of looked attractive!

22nd Sept: Was rudely awakened during the night by some guy arguing with the prossie he had picked up, sad bastard! Got up around ten to seven, after many snoozes on the alarm clock. Made sure to coat myself in sunscreen for the day ahead. Got picked up at 8 am and taken to a random guesthousefor breakfast. Then it was back in the van and we headed down to the beach. At the beach we got onto the boat and I managed to get rust all over my cream shorts. (It didn't wash out and they had to be chucked out.) Got settled on the boat and as we started to sail out to sea it started to rain. Just my luck! However the rain wasn't too bad, just a light shower.

Our first stop was Ko Charloh, where we could go snorkelling off the boat. The water was lovely and clear. I got to see loads of fish and sea urchins. It was lovely and we got loads of time to snorkel there. Then it was back on the boat to head to bamboo island. The boat docked at the island and we all just left our stuff on the boat and headed to the beach. It was beautiful, almost like being on a desert island. We sat on the beach for a bit, there was a cafe round the corner but we didn't bother to visit as lunch was included on our boat. Then it was off to swim in the sea, amazing. So clear! We all just stayed in the sea, swimming and relaxing in the shade of the boat. But I still managed to get burnt. The boatmen cooked us some fish for lunch, which we had with salad and bread, lovely!

After lunch we had another play in the sea before heading off. We stopped one more time on the way back to do a bit of fishing. The boatmen didn't catch anything, but one of the girls from Taiwan caught a massive fish. As we were heading back to the mainland it started to thunder and lightening, not cool when you are on a tiny fishing boat. Then the heavens opened. Got absolutely dreched on the walk back to the guesthouse. Since the weather was terrible, I spent the evening pottering around at the guesthouse, followed by dinner and then an early night, as it would be another early start in the morning.

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