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January 2nd 2012
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Hey everyone,

so we have not wrote for a while, if our connection is not great the blog has a hard time so in this message we will catch you up! First of all we LOVED Vietnam. After our rude experience in Halong bay, we were not expecting much, but we learned very quick that the people in Vietnam are amazing, open and very generous! We met many many great friends and we tried soooo much food including;

1) bull frog

2) snake salsa (small snake)

3) Snake hot pot (big snack)

4) blood duck pudding - which is congealed duck blood with all the ducks organs blended up on top with peanuts

5) whole river crab.. shell, claw and legs

6) whole fried baby bird 😞

7) rice wine

8) chickens feet

there is probably more but it is hard to think of right now haha. I (randi) was sick from the food once, so that was pretty good after trying all of that stuff and being there for 6 weeks, and quinn was fine!

The way they treat animals there would be our only negative point. There was a local spot we went to often for snacks and we would sit on the corner of the road and people watch. there were a few kittens there, so we would play with them. The one day we came back, I could not find my little black and white kitty, and then when we asked.. we were shown that it was thrown in the garbage 😞 I guess it was hit by a moto and they just threw it out. I of course cried, and picked it up.. it was stull alive but itsback legs were paralyzed. when we were sitting with it, a white expat guy who saw we were upset told us where an animal clinic was so we took little Tessy to the clinic to be put down humanly. That was a hard day, but we were happy to know that the little kitty was not hurting anymore. But other then that, Vietnam was great and we miss it now that we are in Cambodia.

So now Cambodia... immediately we could see the difference in the people, more dirty, and they gave a more intimidating feeling... we did not feel comfortable like we did in vietnam. But like anywhere we make the best of it. For xmas we were in cambodia in sihanoukville, where we are now.. and it is a beach place and it is awesome! 😊 Xmas was very good besides missing our families so much. We met awesome friends who we had a little too much fun with hahaha..

For new years we were supposed to be on an island and within 40 minutes of being there we had our room broken into and 500 us dollars stolen.... you can imagine how we reacted.. and we left right after.. but the silver lining was meeting great people who were on the same boat on the way back and we spent new years with them on the beach! They were from south africa and we really got along with them. We see the money being stolen as a "everything happens for a reason"experience.. because the people that worked there were sketchy, and they did not even take our names or anything. we even hide our things and our bag was ripped apart! 😞 We were supposed to be there for 3 days, and we think we were better off having it happen at the beginning, because it could have been worse.. and at least we are both safe. Just sucks when we had been in cambodia for 11 days and had only spent 200 dollars... so we could have lasted about 3 weeks off that money. we dont like taking out big sums like that but we get ripped off from the bank like 20 dollars a time so it really gives us no other way! Oh well, its in the past and now its a new year! 😊

Anyways, were going to be in cambodia for about another week and a half and then we go to northern thailand, laos, southern thailand and then into the south.. malaysia, indonisia etc... were excited!!!

We miss you all very much and would really like to hear from you all and hear about everything that is happening there and what you think about our pictures!! We will try to keep the blog up to date better, as long as we have good connections.

<strong style="text-align: left;">Oh and Quinn right now has the great pleasure of being sick from something we have eaten... geeze besides missing our families and friends so much this is the worst part of traveling... but in the end it is worth it! 😊 We didn't even eat anything weird this time haha

<strong style="text-align: left;">lots of love,

<strong style="text-align: left;">Randi and Quinn xoxoxox


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