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February 13th 2006
Published: February 15th 2006
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Sihanoukville Sihanoukville Sihanoukville

Serendipity Beach
Well after spending 4 hours on the bus from Phnom Penh thinking about various things in life including my last blog it was time to hit Sihanoukville as part of our journey back to Pattaya along the coast.

After arriving at the bus station it was the usual Tuk Tuk and motorcycle madness of people wanting your business and money.

We headed off to Serendipity beach area to look for a guest house or bungalow with that taken care of it was time to go the beach for some food.

The next day was very chilled out compared to the last week of visiting so many historic places and the overload of your senses in Phnom Penh, We sat on the beach for the majority of the next two days reading and listening to music.

This area is a travellers paradise there is not much to do but time just flies by, Gaz set a marathon reading record of 6 hours straight one day in the same beach cafe.

Again there is plenty of "Happy" options for you here and buying the "Happy" product by itself is as easy as ordering your drink off a menu as invariably the cafe you are in sells it.

If visiting here you may want to check out the free accomodation options, we did not know about them until we had arrived so we could not move. The people that run them just expect you to eat once or twice a day at thier resident but be warned they are pretty basic from what we gathered.

There are oppurtunities for getting work here as some guesthouses are British owned and had jobs advertised for western staff only I did not apply.

Well it was time to head back to Pattaya and what awaited us was a 12 hour minibus journey crossing the border and lots and various rivers by the strangest car ferries ever.

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Sihanoukville Sihanoukville

Fire Throwing 10 year old girl

15th February 2006

Hi Bruce Looks like your havin a great time there. A bit more culture than Magaluf! I'm back in Oz now so remember you can come visit me when you get here. Happy travelling! Kerry x
15th February 2006

Hey Brother
Hey Bruce, good to hear from you after quite some time past by. I sence that you have seen probably more than I have so far in the countries we travelled. Nice Blogs- do agree on many thoughts you mention!!! Hope to see you soon, be good. Alex (ERDI-4)
20th February 2006

Hi Bruce glad to see you have done so well and are enjoying yourself. sorry in the delay but we have only just got the internet back. We had a little girl on the 26th of september she weighed 6lb 10oz and her name is Abbie Katie Duncan she is 5 months old now and looks just like Andy poor thing. Anyway hope you are ok and i will keep in contact now we can. Speak soon.

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