Malaria or gut-wrenching sickness?

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January 22nd 2009
Published: January 22nd 2009
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No drug here?No drug here?No drug here?

Nice idea, but when you put it in all your food you have a problem.
Sihanouk Ville is so great!

It's covered in Copacabana-rivalling beaches and surrounded by awesome islands. The snorkeling wasn't up to much because of recent storms - and no whale sharks here unfortunately. But if this isn't paradise then what is? 25c beer, 'happy' pizza and shakes everywhere. Beautifully comfortable seats on the beach which you can sleep on all night for free; mid-30s heat with low humidity, huge gekos, and the friendliest of the friendlist people in the world.

Laura made a new best friend of a little girl who sells fruits and makes bracelets on the beach, and we both ended up surrounded by children who forgot they were supposed to be selling us things and spent hours just playing. What an ideal place!

Then the sickness came.... Doxycycline malaria tablets... possible side effects include nausea, cramps, vomiting, hallucinations and more. We had it all, and decided that having malaria really wouldn't be that bad if it meant we didn't have to suffer the ceaseless pain and discomfort of Doxycycline!

Illness made us stay an extra day ior two, which was nice, but in the end we got on the third consecutive 12 hour bus and went back to the hippy hell of Bangkok.

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Runaway cows on the beachRunaway cows on the beach
Runaway cows on the beach

They gave us running and walked home, jumping madly over our belongings on the way
Biggest geko in the world?Biggest geko in the world?
Biggest geko in the world?

Something like 18 inches.

23rd January 2009

so sick
oh no it sounds like you a awful few days. Hope you are feeling better now. xxx

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