Top 10 Things I'm Loving about Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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May 30th 2012
Published: May 30th 2012
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10) The cost of living. Anyplace you can buy a meal for $3 rates in my book.

9) Playing Frogger with the cars and scooters when crossing a major street at rush hour.

8) Rarely hearing Barack Obama's name.

7) Never hearing Mit Romney's name.

6) Exercise dance parties on the mall every night by the Independence Monument (I'll attempt to get some pics of this).

5) The kids--unbelievably beautiful children everywhere.

4) Central Market. They just did a major rennovation and WOW, this place is really great. Love the fish market.

3) $8 massages

2) $4 foot massages

1) There's an opportunity to do something really good just about every hour of the day. Small things can make the biggest difference.

I'm going to Central Market this weekend--will post some photos then. I booked Jeff and Janet's tickets to come visit in December. Start planning your trip to SE Asia, including Cambodia!


30th May 2012

Send more pics!
I can't wait to see the pics of the market. I am so happy you are loving it there. Take care, Love you.
1st June 2012

Market? Did someone say shopping?
Yeah, Judi, I know that anything that sounds like shopping will get your attention. I'll look for some knock off Gucci shoes for you.
31st May 2012

So good to hear how well things are going. Be blessed my friend.
31st July 2012

Tim, So glad you have found a place and settled in. I am now caught up with all of the blog entries you've made and happy that you are having a good (and very different) experience. The rat story made me laugh quite a bit especially when I can visualize what you wrote! We all miss you very much!

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