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February 21st 2012
Published: February 21st 2012
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Cambodia: Cambodia is one of those countries that are filled with contradictions. You’d expect it to be overtly corrupt, dangerous, non-English speaking. I didn't experience any of that. Well, before I continue, let’s end with leaving Thailand. I took the bus out of northern Bangkok to Siem Reap. To get there I took the very modern sky bridge and then a taxi to the bus station. The online... Read Full Entry

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21st February 2012

The same girl
Tree years to go I was in Siem Riep and I met the same girl.She was 5 yers old ,could speak quite a lot english selling wooden bracelets that time.She knew even Helsinki ,where I am from.So I did buy some.Later she asked me to buy more but I had no more money with me.So she said: borrow your friends.They start very early the busineseducation in Kambodia.But she was sharming.I could regonnice her and the place backround from your picture.
21st February 2012

Cambodian Girl
Hi Risto, Thanks for the comment. I was totally blown away by this girls' ability to speak really good English, and know those capitals. Shamefully, I got Australia wrong. Oh well, it's just Australia....haha. Ted
21st February 2012

Tuol Sleng
Hi Ted: So glad you got to see Tuol Sleng. Absolutely horrifying. On another unrelated topic, when I was in Cambodia in 2009, while you could get Cambodian money, the ATMs gave you US dollars, so I never used anything but US$. BTW - I knew all the capitols. But I've never played Angry Birds! David
21st February 2012

To be technical about it, there is no capital of England...
only of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So that was a trick question! As for eight year olds knowing capitals, I would be surprised it they knew their own capital; especially here in the US. Anyway, thanks for the detailed blog. That's great the tourist authorities recognize the rip offs at the border and are trying to do something about it. You mentioned the road to Siem Reap...has it been paved so there are no longer all the pot holes? Most people who visit Angkor Wat go into great detail about the temples, but you mostly talked about you encounter with the children. You seem to have a way with kids. Have you thought of volunteering for a month or so at an orphanage?
22nd February 2012

Re: Cambodia - Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh
Thanks for the email. I figure anyone can google the sites if you want to see them. The real story is the people and what they've been through. In Cambodia there are so many street vendors who are kids. I think there's a big story behind that (education, poverty, ect.), and it needs a human face. -Ted
8th March 2012

14th October 2012

Smart Children!
Funny you posted the little girl who "knows her capitals". I met a little girl at one of the temples who could recite the alphabet in about 4-5 different languages! I was so impressed! Amazing trip you took - thanks for sharing. Michelle

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