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January 30th 2010
Published: January 30th 2010
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Sticky rice to goSticky rice to goSticky rice to go

Sticky rice, coconut milk, and cooked black beans are cooked in a bamboo tube
Wow, is that ride ever better with a good driver and without dubbed Rambo movies!

Since it was the day of the full moon, we stopped at a wat and received a blessing. We were able to see the nuns preparing the food, and I had a nice, if brief, chat with a couple of nuns in French. I like to show people the photos I take of them and several of the nuns were pleased and a little embarrassed to see themselves, especially when I told them they were very beautiful (in French).

We made good time but stopped frequently for good clean fun, like eating tarantulas. (Just kidding. The tarantula and cricket stand didn't seem very hygienic. Maybe later.)

We arrived in Phnom Penh to find that one of the hotels professed to have no record of our group, though Bhavia confirmed with them last week. This means that part of the group is in a hotel with which we're not familiar, so I await the morning report with interest and hope it's wonderful. My room at Kabiki has a little courtyard, a gap in the doorway just right for admitting mosquitoes (I've plugged it with plastic), and the scent of, I think, mock orange on the air. My bed has a mosquito net canopy that I will use.

Tomorrow we will take some children associated with Indra Devi Association on an excursion. They decided to go to Udong Mountain Resort. The children are going to show us traditional New Year's games. Then we'll see some families whom the government has displaced from the slums to empty land with no resources. In the afternoon, we'll meet some of the students whose education we help support through Southeast Asia Development Program. Dinner will be at Friends Restaurant. I believe that's an opportunity to eat a spider prepared to Western culinary hygiene standards.

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30th January 2010

Leggy things
Hi Shoshana - One does get caught up in one's culture! N & I are planning a crab-eating thing, rather bug-like critters actually, and that sounds good, whereas a nice crispy little tarantula just doesn't. I'm sure they are fabulous, though, to those with the right attitude/background. I'll try to repress my insular "Eww!" Nice courtyard shot! And picnic area. It's cold clammy and rainy here - the sun in your pictures looks lovely. I hope you do have a pleasant morning!

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