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February 18th 2009
Published: February 18th 2009
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Yesterday Maddy and I went to the university and walked around. It's been very interesting to hear about her study in Singapore. We were greeted by Sister Louise of Maryknoll Sisters; I've corresponded with her in the past when she has been making sure that Hema and I understand each other in some more subtle exchanges related to Hema's visit to my university a year and a half ago. I then taught a class of a little over two hours on what counselors should know about Type II diabetes in Cambodia. You can imagine what some of the translation issues are like with such technical vocabulary. There were about 55 students and faculty present and, except when we got bogged down on a concept or two that just didn't make sense to my translator, I think it went well. Afterward, Maddy and I were able to have a talk about translating, who talked when, status, and protocol.

In response to Lee's request, okay, when I have a little more time I'll see if I have a sweaty, disheveled photo of myself teaching that I'm willing to post.

Maddy and I had dinner with Jane, director of the Phnom Penh Counseling Center, where some or all of the master's students have practicum. Jane has been in Cambodia for 15 years. Take note: She originally came with a religious mission, took on some development activities, began seeing clients, and has never left. We had a fascinating conversation about which theories and techniques work well for Cambodians, who comes to therapy here (as contrasted to who gets other forms of social and human services) and how much therapy costs. Currently the clinic charges 2.5% of your monthly income plus tax; they may raise this. People without money are typically subsidized by her religious organization.

The Night of the Living Sushi continued, so I've begun a course of antibiotics. This morning, so far, so good.

Professor Hema called this morning to say that Father Kevin, whom I met 2 years ago and who has a doctorate in psychology, could not accommodate us tomorrow but could do so today. She and her husband are picking us up at 10:00, though Maddy doesn't know it yet. They'll take us to Little Sprouts, a Maryknoll program for children with AIDS. I'm not sure what we'll do for lunch, then from 3:00-5:00 I'll lecture on HIV in Cambodia. After that, Maddy and I will meet Karen from Friendship with Cambodia for dinner. Karen has an association with a dance ensemble here, and by coincidence we're both in Cambodia at the same time.

I've heard from Min in Viet Nam; they talks they'd like me to do don't overlap at all with what I've prepared in Cambodia, so I'm hoping to have some time tomorrow to start outlining them. I also have some assignments to grade and will have some job files to read over the weekend, so I'm hoping that after tomorrow's 7:30 AM presentation on Solution Focused Therapy, I'll have time for some work and to see the Silver Pagoda.


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