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May 29th 2008
Published: May 29th 2008
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"Though we both wanted to see both the museum and the Killing Fields... this , unlike so many of the sites, wasn't part of ancient history; it was modern history, home to events that people want to forget despite knowing that they never should." Nicholas Sparks- " Three Weeks with my Brother"

We had a cyclo tour this morning, cyclos are bicycles with a seat in front. The guys all wore the same mint green shirts that matched their cyclos. This city loves color all the home are painted all sorts of shades of blue green yellow orange with fancy ornate gates in gold and silver. We went first to S21 the sight of the prison during the Khemer Regime . The sight is now a memorial to all the people who died there and the last 14 whose corpses were found when the Vietanmese invaded.

After we toured the kings palace, it is similar to the Thai style as they say here, same same but different.
It is has a silver pagoda and repepresents the king, buddisim and hindu with colors of blue white and green. It even has a emerald buddha but in the thai styule not the chinese style like in bangok.

Lastly we saw the killing fields. While the skeletons have all been uncovered and made into a memorial as we walked around the mass graves there was still small pieces of bone that has been washed up by the rain. Also to be seen was remnants of clothing. The highlite was the little girl I gave water to and she danced around as she drank it.

We ended the day in a frenzy shopping spree of 1 hour. That was hardly enough time for me but when I left I had a full bag once again.

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29th May 2008

Same Same But Different!!
Hey Guys You're making me reminise about our Thailand trip. Vietnam looks awesome, makes my feet itchy for travelling again. Just went to Greece for a week which was nice. Enjoy the rest of your time on your trip, i'll keep reading your blog xxxxxxxxxx

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