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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 17th 2007

Die Hauptattraktion in der Gegend ist der Bokor National Park, genauer gesagt die "Geisterstadt" Bokor Hill Station oben am Rand des Bergs, der den Nationalpark bildet. Sie hat eine bewegte Vergangenheit: in den 20er Jahren von den Franzosen als Erholungsort in angenehm kuehler Hoehe mitsamt Hotel, Casino und Kirche errichtet und von bis zu 1000 Einwohnern bewohnt, spaeter verfallen, in den 50/60ern wiederbelebt, in den 70ern dann in den Haenden der Khmer Rouge. Die haben das Hotel zeitweise als Gefaengnis genutzt, Gefangene gerne mal durch einen Stoss von der Klippe beseitigt, bis es zum Gefecht mit der vietnamesischen Befreiungsarmee kam, die ihre Stellung in der Kirche auf dem Huegel hatte. Heute zeugen noch die Einschussloecher in den ansonsten verfallenden Gebaeuden, die schon mit einer dicken Schicht Flechten bewachsen sind, davon. Und jetzt steigt einmal im Jahr ... read more
Black Palace
Bokor Hill Station - Kirche
Bokor Hill Station - Hotel

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 16th 2007

Ja, schon ist die Zeit in Vietnam vorbei und ich im Nachbarland Kambodscha. Die Reise herueber mit dem Boot auf dem Mekong klingt zwar zunaechst spannend, ist es aber nicht wirklich: ein paar hundert Meter breites Wasser mit aeusserst plattem Land auf beiden Seiten, da gibt's nicht wirklich viel zu sehen. Angesichts der knappen verbleibenden Zeit muessen auch halbe Tage gut genutzt sein, also reise ich gleich weiter nach Kampot und spare mir Phnom Penh fuer danach auf. Die Fahrt mache ich mit einem der hier allgegenwaertigen Camry Share Taxis. Dabei lernt man gleich die wahre Bedeutung von "voll besetzt" fuer einen PKW: drei Leute hinten (da koennte man aber bestimmt auch mehr unterbringen), drei vorn - der Fahrer sitzt bequem zwischen den Sitzen in der Mitte. Bloss gut, dass es wenigstens ein Automatik ist, sonst ... read more
Auf dem Weg zur Schlachtbank

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 23rd 2006

Fri 8th: Time to leave Siem Reap for Battembang across Tonle Sap Lake. A short bus ride to the floating fishing village of Chong Kneas to board our boat for the journey....and what a boat!! No more than 2 metres wide with seats running lengthways, to accommodate 12 tourists, 2 locals and all our backpacks. The backpacks were securely (!?*!??) stored up the back behind the driver who, by the way, was steering with a steering wheel and gear stick from a truck!! What an awesome trip though and not one I was expecting. There were mangroves and huge numbers of water hyacinths right across the lake. In fact, the boat had to zig zag its way across depending on where the channels were. Some channels were mapped out with breaks in the fence and white ... read more
Tonle Sap Lake
Tonle Sap Lake
Tonle Sap Lake

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 5th 2006

We had a lovely stay in Kampot over the past couple of days. This gem is on the coast of Cambodia and it has heaps of character with all of its old colonial buildings and river setting. After seeing what the French had done with Saigon, Phnom Penh, and Kampot, I must give them credit for laying out their towns and cities well. Big parks, big boulevards, and big roundabouts are all characteristic of French urban design from a century ago. This place, though, has so much potential. It reminds me of Antigua, Guatemala and Colina, Uruguay. The difference here, though, is that the redevelopment has just begun. The town will need some strict development bylaws to ensure it is redeveloped properly. Perhaps the UN can help out. If Cambodia was closer to North America, I ... read more
King Sihanouk's old residence in Kep
Perhaps there is still a way to go before total peace is a reality
Monks have a smoke

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 4th 2006

We had an easy ride down from Phnom Penh over the past two days. Both rides were less than 90 kms and that allowed us to find accommodations before noon and avoid the worst of the heat. With each riding day, I'm more convinced that Cambodia is one of the best cycling countries in the world. While the roads are not great they are sealed and more importantly the traffic is minimum at best. Combine that with great food, friendly people, fabulous value and you have one great place to cycle. I have been impressed at the presence of Western Union here. They appear to have hooked up with one of the local banks to offer money transfers locations all around Cambodia. They now have incredible depth in this country. Something that can't be said for ... read more
While the infrastructure here has improved greatly, not so for some of the bridges.
At least they are taking Bird Flu seriously here

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 18th 2006

After four fab days spent temple hopping around Siem Reap it was time to move on. Last time I was here we'd arrived by bus from Phnom Penh and left by plane to Laos.... this time I left by boat to Battambang. I'd booked my ticket through one of the travel agents in town but something about the whole booking process hadn't left me feeling too confident - fortunately the taxi truck arrived to pick me up, but it seemed I was one of the lucky ones!! As we stopped to do more pickups we almost left two people behind (much shouting and banging on the roof of the drivers cab to get him to stop!) and picked up several others who had tickets but weren't on the drivers list. By the time we reached the ... read more
On the boat
Floating villages on the Tonle Sap
Local transport

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 12th 2006

The bus journey to Kampot was without inccedent and fairly short (about 5 hours). When we arrived there where more than 20 touts trying to get us to stay at there guest houses (which was strange as there was only about 10 guest houses), our guest house of choice was fully booked (no really) so we went across the road and got a room there instead ($7 for hot water,tv,and a fan), we booked a couple of motos to take us to the Phnom Chhnork and Phnom Sorsia caves for that afternoon, the day was very hot and as soon as the motos stoppped the heat caught up with us, climbing the stairs up to the caves seemed a huge task at the top of the stairs we where met by a group of children who ... read more
The Caves
View from the Stupa
Our Pickup to Boker Hill Station

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 20th 2006

Rising slightly late Andrew and I assess the damage to our rear ends, and determine whether or not we'd be capable of getting on a motorbike to explore the nerby seaside retreat of Kep. After a little whinging and realising that the satelite TV had gone down, we hired a dodgy moto and headed off to Kep, intending to stop at the nearby caves on the way down. Turning off to the Phnom Chnork caves we are suddenly being followed by at least 10 young males ranging from the ages of 8 to 25 all offering to be our guides. Some are on pushbikes so we can outride them, others are on motos and continue to pursue us for kms, despite us the whole time yelling out "NO GUIDE!! NO GUIDE!!!" We think we're safe as ... read more
Kep and Rabbit Island
Kep and Rabbit Island
Kep and Rabbit Island

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 18th 2006

DAY ONE - Kampot Recovering from what seemed to be a real-life time warp that encompasses Sihanoukeville, Andrew and I made it out!!! Woohoo! And probably not a moment too soon as our heavy drinkin' hostel owner continued to increase the level of yelling and screaming at his team of hard working employees while stimultaneously telling us how ignorant the Cambodian people were. hmmm... this is coming from a man that is about to marry a local girl a third of his age (if that) and refuses to learn how to speak Khmer. As one may be able to tell, Nunny was not impressed with his many charms. But putting all that aside... we jump in a taxi with Justin and Leanne the two canandians we picked up at the Cool Bananas Guesthouse and head to ... read more
Bokor and Kampot
Bokor and Kampot
Bokor and Kampot

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot June 29th 2006

Arrived in a small town east of Sihanoukville called Kampot. This place until recent years was a stronghold for the Khmer Rouge; they lived up in the hills surrounding the town. In fact as recently as 1994, three backpackers were kidnapped en route from Sihanoukville by the Khmer Rouge and later executed. Nowadays it is just another quiet Cambodian town. It almost has a bit of a creepy feel to it considering its recent history. There are no ATMs, no way of getting money, no real supermarket and everything shuts up shop at about 10pm so there is zero nightlife. Walking around the place you see very few Western faces. The locals are all very friendly. When you first make eye contact they look at you as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing ... read more
Jimbo en route
Me en route
Our destination

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