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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot June 8th 2008

Kampot is a small riverside town just a couple of hours from Sihanoukville. We thought in the beginning we would only pass through but we stayed a few days. We bicycled through town , passed by a Wat and the monks waved us in. We chatted for a while, they offered to show us their temple where the story of Buddha was painted on the walls and ceiling. It was beautiful, colors fantastic. Kampot is a sleepy town now but it must have been something back in the day. The once beautiful French Colonial architecture is crumbling down and is gradually being replaced with Modern Asian. ... read more
Kampot Wat
Laundry Day

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 26th 2008

Samen met Trevor en Kristena gingen we op 16 april naar Kampot. Ook dit plaatsje stelde op zich niet zo veel voor. Het was meer de omgeving waarvoor we naar Kampot gingen. Na aankomst vonden we een prima hotel en liepen we een beetje rond. Na 15 minuten hadden we alles al gezien! ‘s Avonds aten we in een restaurant dat met stip op de eerste plaats staat van de ranglijst met slechtste restaurants waar we ooit hebben gegeten! De volgende dag brachten we met z’n vieren een bezoek aan een aantal grotten in de omgeving. Het Khmer Nieuw Jaar wordt eigenlijk een maand lang gevierd met allerlei ceremonies en we kwamen er tijdens onze trip naar de grotten al snel achter dat watergooien toch een van de activiteiten is die met het feest gepaard gaat. ... read more
vleesetende plant
zwaar motortransport
Merceder benz

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 15th 2007

well, actually i'm in siem reap, but i only just got here, so....... i have been prompted to write another entry. told to get back to the task and all that. unfortunately there's no card reader here, so no photos for you just yet. that'll have to wait a couple of days. anyway. so, i left phnom penh at long last, with my ipod newly loaded up with music (sublime, nofx, nirvana, ani di franco, ozomatli and various others i'd been missing), and a piece of paper in my hand with the names of some guesthouses and restaurants to check out. i was headed to kampot, the town nestled in the province of the same name, in the south of cambodia. the bus ride was one of the nicest i've had in a while. the bus ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot November 19th 2007

Yet another eventful bus journey took me to Kampot, which is on the Southern coast of Cambodia. Instead of passing time by playing peekabo with Cambodian children on the bus, I spent it talking to an Australian man in his fifties. He had done a lot of travelling throughout his life and had the most amazing stories from the time he travelled through the Middle East and India back in the 1970s. It then turned out he'd been coming to Cambodia every year for the last decade, but had only ever been to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. He is a sex tourist, and even has Cambodian baby as a trophy for his 'visits'. The sex industry in Cambodia is huge here and hideously blatant. Men parade around with girls not even a day over ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 31st 2007

It took us a long time but we finally made it to Kampot. For whatever insane reason we decided not to stay in Phnom Penh just yet and head straight out of the city for the coast. So after an 11 hour flight to Bangkok, a night sleeping at the airport (great transit lounge, nice chairs to spread right out flat on, but why buff the floor at 4am when we are sleeping?!?!), a short hop to PP, a taxi ride to the bus station, we had a few hours waiting for the bus. Hot, tired, but mercifully not bothered by the people selling things as we expected, and have experienced elsewhere. Sure, kids came up a few times trying to sell us a paper, dvd, bread...but once we said no thanks, they wandered off. The ... read more
"Road" up to Bokor Hill Station
Hotel Kiri with Bokor Palace behind
Colin in the Hotel Kiri

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 12th 2007

12/10/07 Niektorym z was moze sie wydawac , ze jestem na wakacjach. Ale tak nie jest. Po prostu, czytajac cale dnie o ludobojstwei i zbrodniach przeciwko ludzkosci, czasami czlowiek musi sie odstresowaac. I wlasnie dlatego przyjechalismy do Kampot (nad morzem, na poludniu). W srode jeszcze byla praca, zakonczona drinkami w QBar - niesamowite miejsce - bylismy jedynymi klientami przez godzine (happy hour) poki nie przyszlo 3 starcyh Khmerow. W QBar otworzyli wlasnie 'white room' i to byla przyczyna, dla ktorej sie tam znalezlismy - wielikie - na jakies 15 metrow biale lozko na samym wejsciu. Zastanawialismy sie, czy nie daloby sie zabrac z niego poscieli, bo nam nie udalo sie jej jeszcze kupic. Moze w weekend white room cieszy sie wiekszym powodzeniem, ale w srode bylismy tam tylko w 4 osoby, rozwaleni na tym bialym lozu. ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 11th 2007

Hi All, More stories from our travels: Thurs 30th Aug - Tues Sep 4th - Sihanoukville Sihanoukville was not as we had hoped. It was very touristy and the beach wasn't the best. However with a $20 a night hotel including breakfast with the most amazing views looking out to the ocean and the best ever seafood restaurant next door we stop for 5 nights. The first day I decide to expose my lovely white scottish skin to the elements on the beach. Within 5 minutes of arriving I was surrounded by 4 women, one filing my nails, the other threading my legs, one pleading me to have a pedicure and the other just wanted to watch. Humphrey couldn't believe his eyes. My beach bed had been transformed into a beauty parlour and I don't even ... read more
Scotland in Cambodia !!!
On a sunset cruise boat...
Susan out of her 'Comfort Zone'

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot July 27th 2007

There's not really a great deal to do in Kampot, it consists of pretty much a single road, however, a few kilometers up the road was the entrance to the Bakor National Park. From what I could gater, this national park, located up in the mountains consisted of some an old abandoned village, once used by the Khamer Rouge, some waterfalls and great views, so it sounded like it could be worth visiting, in addition, it was apparently only accessible by four wheel drive car/truck or motorbike, so that sounded fun already. I took a day pack and set off at around 9am. A few kilometers down the road at the foot of the mountain was the entrance to the National Park and when I arrived I met three Danish guys who were also on 250cc ... read more
Bridge to waterfalls
Bridge to waterfalls

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot July 26th 2007

For the remainder of my trip in Cambodia I planned to tour the south coast; Takaev, Kampot & Sihanoukville....and what better way than on a Honda 250RR dirt bike! So in the morning I hired the bike for $10/per day, packed my daypack with a few things for the week and set off. First stop: Kampot, via Takaev This journey is pretty straight forward, there are three highways out of the capital of Thnom Phen heading south, cunningly nammed; highway 2, highway 3, oh and highway 21. It is the middle one, highway 2, that I was to take to Kampot and so off I went. Now I tend to pride myself on my Aboriginal-like sense of direction, however, on this occasion as I rode along taking in the surroundings, I would say it was a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot July 16th 2007

round cambodia Lukeurl='/Videos/4336.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/4336.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' rocketsurl='/Videos/4337.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/4337.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' woody with an AK47 not sure what that is it happend when the site broke... well ..... done soooo much here! its been crazy definatly the best place ive been.. ever! we arived from vietnam along what i though was the worst road ive ever seen there was so much dust we couldnt see anything!! but the driver kept, there were no lanes so at one point there were 2 cars a bus and a jcb coming towards us out of the dust!! driving here is definatly one of the most exciting things you can do! arriving at Phnom Pen and moving down to lakeside was easy and the... read more
the cells

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