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September 8th 2014
Published: September 8th 2014
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Eeeee it's only half 9 in the mornin n already done a tour n been for breakfast. now theirs 2 Angkor wat tours, a whole day or half day.....didn't even wanna do the half day we only wanted to see the sunrise at Angkor wat coz we get bored too easily. Angkor wat is the biggest oldest temple or something?! It was good like the sunrise was lush, few sorts knocking about aswell. Had to get up at 4am so were already back in wor beds. The tour had about 7 stops at loadsa different ruins......just dorty black bricks. We kept asking if we could just take the photos from the tuk tuk but the driver didn't understand n kept making us get off. By the last 2 stops he got the gist n asked....u not want to get off? Nahhhh ya ok.....once you've seen one you've seen them all plus we were to tight to pay for the tour guide so we didn't nah what owt was?! ya meant to spend about half an hour at each stop,we took about 5 minutes max at each one after the sunrise!!!! Just sticking wor heads in n takin a few picks coz we felt like we had to. Ya not even aloud to eat, smoke or talk at the temples n their our 3 fave things. Their was a dinner stop included but due to our lack of interest at the stops we were at the restaurant stage by 7:30 am!!!!! Hahaha. So we just asked him to take us back to the hotel....when he pulled up the driver & receptionist were laughing at us n the reception man said...."you not see the temples" we were dead shan't n said we'd been last year and we only wanted to see the sunrise!!! They still didn't understand ha prob sayin "thick as out them two didn't nah what was goin on at all". So it's 8 am n we went over to the very Asian Molly Maloney (not) haha for a good breakfast. propper don't understand a word of the queens here. Lisa asked for an omelette and pointed to the beans on the jacket potato section meaning beans on the side.....so ended up with an omelette on toast n jacket tetty with beans aswell!!!!! Ha next stop orphanage!!!!


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