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September 7th 2014
Published: September 7th 2014
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It's cracking here..........theirs a bar down the road that sells gin and tonic for $1.25. Our hotels actually lush and it's only $6 each a night.....we got upgraded to a superior room coz they ran outa rooms. Propper lush like the places that make shapes Oot the towels on ya bed. Dumped our bags n went for a beer, felt pissed after 1 after that 7 hour journey so went for food.....the place only happend to be happy hour on the cocktails so we got stuck right in. Had to come back for a kip n shower to sort worselfs Oot. Went to pub street last night.....rediculous!!! Were propper divvys. Watched a hippy turn in xbar on his didgery doo he was off his head just singin about getin off his head neckin tequila as he went. Like the kinda nut job yad get on britains got talent in the early stages. Then we went up bar street before we knew it we had buckets in our hands dancin on tables with Lauren from the Philippines and gangnam style. Rach had a French bloke on her shoulders, their was 3 of them n they were good crack so stayed with them all night. Then we were in the middle of some sorta dance off in the middle of the street dancing with the kids who sell the bracelets Haha. The last club we went to was a bit of a blur but by this time we were actually wearing the buckets on wer heads Dancin round like divs!!! Lovin life until erm rach where's the bag?? She'd only left it down the side of the was actually still their but the phone was gone 😞 had to have 3 tequilas with a indian bloke to get es over it!!!!! Guttedddd!!!! Can't really remember getting home but remember bein in a tuk tuk askin him to take us to KFC. We wouldnt take "it's closed" for an answer so he had to actually drive us their n go "looook it closeeeee" ha. Def can't remember getin in but we were fully clothed surrounded by 3 massive pizzas!!! They'd been totally attacked...why do we feel the need to get 3 pizzas man?! Fattys!!! We've done nowt today apart from doss round, report missing phones n booked a sunrise at Angkor wat tomorrow that's gonna be lush but we get picked up by the tuk tuk at 4:50 so better keep away from pub street tonight!!! Ha night markets tonight atleast I've not got much to mug now?! Every cloud!!!!!! Absolutely love Siem reap though


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