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Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap February 28th 2022

After having a short couple of hours in our very nice hotel, New Riverside Hotel, a quick shower and nap, we got ready to start our adventure. First we got lunch in the town center, "western" food, which was not all that great... but the fresh papaya juice more than made up for it! It was so good and the best one of the trip. Back at the hotel, our bikes were assigned to us (we had previously sent in our heights) and we put our day supplies in the pouches. We also gave our overnight bags to the van support crew as we were not coming back to the hotel until the next afternoon. Yes, 3 nights of poor sleep - hello Trekkup! Once we got our bikes and supplies for the day sorted, off ... read more
Preparing to cycle!
Along the levee to floating village
Floating village

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap January 17th 2018

Day 6 Pursat. 106 km. flat ride. Hot today. Two pieces of great news today are that I got my jacket back, since it was collected last night by our guide Channi. Also the rice paddy rat population is being controlled. The weather was a bit overcast, yet warm this morning and I thought it would be a cooler day. I got that wrong as it became 38 degrees in the sun and 34 in the shade at 2pm. - a sizzler. The journey was a long straight journey on Highway 5 down to spurs at. If there were any bends on this road I never saw any. All we got was an endless dusty view with very slight deviations now and again. Heavy goods traffic was encountered all the way and almost every configuration was ... read more
Brick kiln.
Richard eating a Rat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap October 28th 2017

Yes Cambodia isn’t all temples and more temples ... we had an interesting drive out in the country side through villages with houses on stilts and swept yards with cattle, rice paddies and some other agricultural fields to visit a Wildlife Conservation area. Although the USA was not officially at war with Cambodia during the Vietnam War period the country suffered from thousands of tons of bombs being dropped mainly ( as I understand it ) because the Viet Cong supply route the Ho Chi Min Trail ran through Cambodia and Laos. So of course this had a devastating effect on flora and fauna. As the country rebuilds also following from the Khmer Rouge regime in the 70s there are efforts to research and protect endangered species. And so it was to one of these centres ... read more
Off we go.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap February 19th 2016

We drove into the countryside this morning for a village visit on Tonle Sap Lake. Noy asked the driver, Phol, to take back roads so I could see country life. Along the way there were villages and towns with settlement in-between. Cambodia has fifteen million people, and later I learned that almost half a million live in floating villages on this great lake. Siem Reap has 130,000 residents. Traditional houses are built on stilts; the one large room is a sleeping area for families of about 10. The stilts are at least one storey high, some almost two storeys. The days and evenings are spent in this shady and cooler area. Casual furniture, goods and motorcycles share the space with the family members. Some newer traditional houses have about half of the lower level built into ... read more
New house, traditional style
Lake bed of Tonle Sap Lake
Mechrey village

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap December 23rd 2015

Tonle Sap lake is located in Siam Reap and one of the popular tourist attraction. The main attraction is to see life of fisherman who lives in house on the lake and the sunset on the lake. You can engage a private or river cruise boat to bring you around the lake. The boat then will dock at one of the station where you can enjoy the sunset from here.... read more
View Of Village on Tonle Sap
River Cruise
Fisherman House on the lake

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap November 14th 2015

The day began with the worst breakfast so far. The only thing that was hot was the tea as even the coffee was stone cold. As well as the stir fry and slices of cooked eggy type things. Ah well, you can't expect the best every day. The praying mantis on the back of a dining chair was the highlight of breakfat and no I didn't try to eat it. The cockroaches in the bathroom hadn't bothered me in the night but whatever was making the chirrupping noise last night was still at it this morning. Somehow I'd slept right through so that was good. And then off to the jungle we went. Everyone was very keen on mine and Andy's rendition of the 80's classic Tight Fit hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight and kept shouting ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap July 2nd 2014

Kampong Phluk, a.k.a. the "stilted village," has turned into a popular alternative local activity from the temples of Angkor, situated only about an hour from Siem Reap. Despite this, it soon became apparent our young guide had never been out that way before, a fact he doesn’t tell us until we get there and he appears completely befuddled and out of his depth, prompting me to broach the issue. We'd arranged for him to pick us up late-afternoon from our hotel hoping that by the time we got down there the heat and tourists of the day would have died down somewhat. After slowing down for a quick inspection we're waived past the official ticket booth and a kilometre or so further on down the muddy road we pulled up next to a collection of moored ... read more
Gangnam Style!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap October 17th 2012

Since seeing documentaries about Cambodia many years ago, featuring the floating villages, I have wanted to see them. It was one of those dreams that I didn't really think would come true. But it did, yesterday. And it was absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it. I'll try not to bore you to death! The tuk-tuk driver from the hostel was great, again, and took me to Tonle Sap, near Sim Reap; it was a bumpy journey and when we arrived I was greeted by a long line of boats. Some big, some small, but all of them had a smiley happy owner with it. The cost to go to the village was just $1, I am sure that was wrong, but that is all he charged me at the ticket office near the boats. ... read more
On the ocean blue (or river!)
One of the houses

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap October 8th 2012

Water water everywhere was trite - I told you it rained yesterday, well it is also the end of the rainy season, so the rivers and lakes are so full. Drains and culverts are almost non-existent here, so if it floods, it floods. If it floods the road, so be it. This morning the weather cleared, despite dire warnings of a storm approaching from China. The steamy tropics took on a pretty realistic sort of description. But, I have to say, while there was quite a lot of plastic rubbish - there is no air pollution and things are relatively clean to look at - in comparision with some other places we have been. We drove through Siem Reap to the Tonle Sap Lake and took a somewhat precarious vessel for an hour or so along ... read more
Water on all sides
Stilt houses in the rainy season
Floating houses (?)

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap July 23rd 2011

The people of Tonle Sap Lake do not have land to live on. They have lived on the water for decades moving when the water level changes. The extremity of the poverty experienced here has led to aid projects including a floating hospital, floating school and a fresh waterline from the city. From the river you can see a lot. It feels like you are ease dropping into the lives of the people. Some are cooking, some are washing clothes, or washing themselves with water from the river. One boat that approached ours had a women and her four children. The oldest daughter carried a python which she offered to us to hold in exchange for a dollar. The oldest son jumped in the river to look for frogs to sell. The women placed her baby ... read more
Baby playing with a python
The floating mini van
A storm on the way

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