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December 22nd 2015
Published: January 10th 2016
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Day 4 is the journey to Siam Reap where 2 challenges was playing in mind - border crossing and riding on right side of the road. I started my journey as early as 7am and I thought I have plot my trip correctly however after overshoot 26km, then I realise something is not right because I was riding towards Malai and Poipet. Cross checked my GPS with Google and true enough I was riding towards wrong direction. I have to turn and go towards the direction I am supposed to go which means I will be coming back to where I begin. Although 26km sounds like short distance but the journey took me close to 2 hours both ways. The weather wasn't helping because it there was mild drizzle and roads was wet and since sugarcane is the primary plantation here, you with find sugarcane bagasse on the road which can be slippery so that explains why my 52km tooks me close to 2 hours. The GPS route tend to direct me towards Poipet but motorcycles are not allowed to cross at Poipet border. I had to manually locate the route that I am planning to take and plot the coordinates into GPS. I was doing this at almost all the junctions.

Today's ride very much on trunk road and since this is my first time riding on this side of Thailand, I really enjoyed the scenery as well the lifestyle here. Mostly people here are farmers.

My initial plan was to cross border using Chong Sa Ngam border. Since I am already at Chong Chom, another border crossing from Thailand to Cambodia and looking at Chong Sa Ngam which will requires me to ride extra 60km plus I didnt see any decent petrol kiosk so I decided to use Chong Chom border instead.

I pull over at Thailand Immigration to get my passport chopped,handover TM2 form and custom declaration form. Smooth flow and I must say that the people at the immigration were friendly and nice. I suppose it is a rules that you must push you bike to the next border checkpoint - 10 meter distance so I decided to push mine as well as matter of abiding the regulation. Then came one officer and told me it is OK for me to ride the bike instead of pushing. He then show sign that my bike is big and heavy. I was 'touched' with the consideration.

Next hurdle was the Cambodia Immigration, since I am on solo trip I was hoping this border crossing with be a smooth one. I was requested to fill up arrival form and had casual chat with the officer with some general questions. They were impressed I am on solo trip. Passport chopped and next is vehicle inspection. It a regulation for bikes in Cambodia not to ON the light during day time so I have to cover my light using paper because GS unable to off the daylight setting. I reached the vehicle inspection booth - 100m away from passport booth. I handover my vehicle registation and sign the logbook. He came out to check my bike and he was surprised to hear me telling him I am on solo trip. I show him my daylight to reconfirm about covering it and he inform me that it is better to cover. Done with covering - thanks to the officer for giving me a piece of paper. Final stop is passport validation and I am on the road towards Siam Reap. Initially I feel akward riding on the right hand side, but after few minutes I got used to it.

I ride through route 68 towards Siam Reap and reach the town area around close to 4pm and I head straight to Smart shop - Smart is the telco in Cambodia to purchase my sim card. They have attractive tourist sim for just USD5. I took a number and while waiting for my turn, one of the Smart personnel approach me. Told him that I want to purchase tourist sim and need data during my stay here. He assist to sort out the sim purchase and on top of that, he help to subscribe additional 4GB within that USD5. I was impressed and happy - have 5gb to surf all together.

Now time for me to locate my hotel, this time GPS show me the correct direction. Parked my bike and went in to check in. The owner is a very nice guy, he was shocked to hear me saying I rode my bike from Malaysia. We chatted a while before I begin to unload my stuffs and bring up to the room. Decent clean room but the only drawback is that, no lift. I had to climb up 2 stories carrying my heavy load up. More workout for me.

Later in the evening, I took a short walk around the hotel area and also to check if there is any decent food place nothing impressive so decide to head back to hotel and ask the owner where I can get some food. He informed me that he can do in room dining - simple dish. I ordered and ask him to send over around 7.30pm.

Had my dinner in the room and decided to end the day earlier because tomorrow I have to pick up my girlfriend from Airport - this hotel provide free pick up and drop off to airport via tuk tuk.


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