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December 18th 2013
Published: December 18th 2013
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Between travel, electrical outages, and activities, I haven't been able to write for a couple of days.

I'm sitting at the Blue Pumpkin cafe with 5 of my students, drinking coffee and, in theory, charging my computer (which is to say, it's buzzing at the wall, where I have constructed the normal stack o' shimming objects to hold the plug in, and the icon on my screen, though not animating, shows I'm plugged in). Apparently a chunk of town is either dark or on emergency generators. I'm just thrilled to have had 5 minutes of hot water this morning, and, if it's necessary to be wired, to have easy, convivial alternative venues.

Now everyone's here. Several are making their travel arrangements for Thailand after this trip, while others are blogging, writing, or uploading their photos.

The weather has been crazily cool here--in the 60's. That's about 20F lower than what it usually is when I'm here. It makes the lack of warm water more pressing. We note a marked increase in Christmas muzak.

This is a downtime morning, following our day of travel and Angkor Wat. I will catch up later today, I hope, when I have only a couple of commitments.

Monday: We traveled from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, with dinner at Khmer Family Restaurant, my favorite in Siem Reap.

Tuesday: Angkor Wat, lunch at Soup Dragon, Fish massage at Dr. Fish, dinner at Red Piano, the Angkor Night Market.

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18th December 2013

Love hearing about your travels - can't wait to be back there in 2 weeks. Enjoy that fish massage and have a beer for me!
19th December 2013

I'm glad you'll be able to come here soon. I find it so interesting to return. I'll be very interested in your trip!

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