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August 29th 2013
Published: October 11th 2013
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Our last full day together.

Hannah had seen a poster advertising a place called Aqua. A bar with a pool and a good place to just chill and if sunny catch some sun. We got a tuk tuk there as we had no idea how far it was from our guesthouse.

It was a bit of a dump. The owner was there behind his bar with his American friend sat having a beer. The place was a mess, run down, garden area overgrown and the pool a funny colour. I thought it definitely had potential if it got sorted. The owner who had been there many years gave excuses why things were the way they were and blamed the next door neighbours on the fact that the wifi was not working.

We decided to stay and have a drink though and just sat outside on a grubby old cushion bed.

Departing the mess, we strolled off to find some lunch. Walking down the street we came across a group of local men having drinks. They invited us over to join them. They spoke no english but hey. I joined them with the beer (Hannah doesn't like beer) and they offered us a boiled egg each. Hannah got quite excited about this as she just fancied one. We started peeling our eggs...until one slight crack I had black juice splat everywhere. What was this I thought?! I carried on only to find it was some sort of foetus of a bird. Oh my Buddha! We both apologetically declined the offer of this and let them stick their spoons in. I am open to trying new foods, but this a definate no.

I played chase with a little girl who also lived there and had hugs and swings.

Leaving our new, local, none English speaking friends having had at least four cans of Cambodia, Rady picked us up and took us back to our guesthouse. We had a couple of things planned for the evening. At 6pm we went to ADOCO, a children's orphanage to watch them do a performance. Sadly, their electric was not working so we did not get to see it. However, we had booked a Khmer dinner dance for 7pm. This was great. It was an eat as much as you like buffet with Khmer dancing. I enjoyed very much even though very tired from drinking too much in the afternoon. Our last night went out with a bang 😊

My last day in Cambodia, I arranged with Rady to pick me up and take me to YET more temples. I thought seeing as I'd paid for it, I should go and see some others that were a little further out. I chilled in the afternoon, deciding on whether to stay in Cambodia but move on further east or move onto the next country, Malaysia.

Malaysia it was...booked with Air Asia for the following day!


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