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September 29th 2010
Published: June 1st 2012
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These were still twitching despite having no heads, Siem Reap market.
29th Sept: Up early, had brekky, packed and headed off to the bus station to get the bus to Siem Reap. The bus journey was okay, about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. The air con was freezing though, and I had to turn it off. Got a free tuk-tuk to a random guesthouse, Tan Kang. Room was okay, very dark, but the bathroom was tiny. There was no sink in the bathroom and I had to jump around the toilet to shut the door. But it would be fine for one night. Had no real plans for todays, took a wander down to town and the bar street area. Had lunch in a pub and bought some books off a kid selling them. Shouldn't of really done that, but nevermind.

Wandered a bit more and then stopped to get a pedicure. The pedicure was quite nice and they sorted out my toenails a treat, but I wish they had took all the hard skin off my feet. Back at the hotel I made use of the free internet and then I went to find a nicer guesthouse. There was one recommended in my guidebook so I went to check it out. It was really nice and the owner was super friendly. So I decided to move tomorrow. The owner even offered to send a free tuk-tuk to pick me up, but I declined as it was only around the corner. Had a drink and snack at the guesthouse as the heavens had opened and I would of got drenched on the walk back. Later on I booked a cookery course for tomorrow and then had a back, neck and shoulder massage. It was very nice. Decided on an Indian for tea, had chicken tikka, the sauce was different to what I'm used to, but it was still very nice.

30th Sept: Up early, headed out to get some breakfast. Checked out and moved to my nicer new guesthouse. Then I went down to Le Tigre de Papier to do my cookery class. There were only four of us doing the cookery course, which was good as we got lots of time with the instructor and there was no rushing. Another plus point for the course was that we each got to choose which dishes we wanted to make. And since we were making different things we got to see how other dishes were made. I chose to make fresh spring rolls with shrimp and Amok fish. Before we started cooking we went for a look around the market, which was good, especially the skinned frogs, which had been beheaded but were still twitching. The market was a bit smelly though. Our instructor explained about some herbs and other ingredients that were for sale at the market.

Back at the restaurant we prepared our meals. It was a lot of fun with lots of peeling, chopping and crushing. We all had a good laugh and Jennie, our instructor, was lovely. I definitely want to make them again as they were all really delicious. I wanted to buy a cookbook, as the money made of them are used to put local children through school, however they had none left. But the recipes are on the restaurants website, so hopefully I will make them again. Our lunch was a huge feast and we all shared our dishes. We had sticky rice with mango for dessert, lovely! Had to take some of my spring rolls home, as I couldn't eat it all.

Had a lazy afternoon napping at the hostel before
Amok FishAmok FishAmok Fish

Doesn't look very appetising here, but it taste amazing.
getting ready to go and watch the Aspara (traditional Cambodian) dance show. Dinner was included and it was a buffet. I've eaten far too much today. The dancing was really good. The girls' costumes were really beautiful and the boys' were quite funny.

1st Oct: Up around 7:30 to go and see the Angkor Wat temples. My tuk-tuk driver for the next three days, Eaung, and we headed off, 1st I had to buy my pass. We drove down to the first temple, Angkor Wat. The most imfamous one. It was really cool to wander around it. It's mad to think that the temples were built so long ago, and how much work that must of been undertaken to produce them. Only disappointment was the green scaffolding work that was on the temple, will ruin some of my pics. Went to the South Gate next, that was amazing, too. Had a good look around the Bayon temple, but I couldn't really climb up it as the steps were a bit too steep for mydwarfy stumps and I didn't have much faith in my flip-flops. Wandered around the Terrace of Elephants and the Royal Palace. Visited loads of other temples, and their names have escaped me.

Went to watch the sunset, that was a bit of a disappointment. The walk up the hill was really nice, but when you got to the top there was about a million people. Also you couldn't see any of the temples. It was just the sun setting over the forest. Back at the hostel I had an early dinner of Burmese fish roll, very nice. Then I had an early night.

2nd Oct: Another day visiting temples. Went round a load more. I wish I could remember the names of them, nevermind The heavens opened in the early afternoon, so I decided to call it quits and headed back to the guesthouse. Pottered around at the hostel. Went back to the nice Indian restaurant for dinner.

3rd Oct: Last day of visiting the temples. I was up early this morning as the temples I was heading to were a lot further out. It took about an hour and a half by tuk-tuk to get to the first temple. The first stop was Kbal Spean, which is a waterfall that has Angkor carvings on it. The waterfall was about a 40 minute
A Feast Fit for a King!A Feast Fit for a King!A Feast Fit for a King!

All our hard work paid off.
hike up through the woods. Not a difficult hike and the waterfall was pretty. It's so cute the way the water runs over the carvings on the rocks so that they are blessed. Wandered back down and headed to Banteay Srey. Banteay Sray was really nice as it is a different colour from the other temples. A bit of a individual! Stopped for lunch on the way back and then visited two more temples, one was one I was meant to see yesterday but didn't because of the rain. Fish roll again for dinner, nom nom.

4th Oct: Lazy day, today! Had a lie-in and spent the morning pottering around the guesthouse. Went into town to do some shopping at the markets. Came back with a table mat set and two t-shirts. Back at the hostel, I reorganised my backpack to squeeze everything in. Headed down to a Chinese place I had seen for lunch. The mixed dim sum looked really nice, but in reality wasn't. had a very bizarre massage later. THe bloke covered me in something that smelt like Vicks Vaporub and the massaged me boobs, too. Very uncomfortable. Dinner at the hostel and an early night.

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