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December 6th 2011
Published: December 6th 2011
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Me and Julie headed off to Halong bay, the tour to put it bluntly was shite. the tour guide hardly spoke any english and was extremely rude. he called one of the girls a fucking bitch and threatened a few people!! Ha long bay itself was beautiful but i guess due to all the tourists it was very dirty ( the water). we went swimming in the dark though after jumping off the top of the boat which was cool and me and julie went kyaking even though she was petrified!! we managed it without incident though. After we got back we bought multi stop tickets to get us down the coast. when we were getting on the bus the guy who we bought the tickets from made 3 czech guys promise they'd look after us.... it soon became the other way round! We all ended up in the same guest house in hue and in the morning me and julie went to the ancient citadel, we didnt have to pay to get in as when we were qued a massive tour group was going thorugh so we managed to sneak through with them... bonus! the citadel was beautiful and we spent a few hours exploring there- then back to the guesthouse . we decided to venture out for dinner later on and the rain started- the rain which didnt stop for a good few days! we left the day after and ended up on the bus with the czech guys again this time we were heading for hoi an, hoi an was just so so beautiful, but it pissed it down constantly while we were there and i mean like torrential unrelenting rain some of the town was even flooded. i must say it is by far the nicest place in vietnam and it would be great to go with lots of money and an empty case and get lots of tailored clothes made. we went out with the czech guys that night after drinking lots of straight vodka in the hotel we were all absolutely smashed!! we ended up in some sort of karaoke club till the early hours... i spewed on the way home the first time iv been sick through alcohol on the trip! i then proceeded to eat everything in the room, it cost us a fortune the next morning! we went to some ruins called my son, which were beautiful but it was a mission to get there, we had booked a trip got up mega early hung over to fook! got on the bus travelled an hour and a half just to be told the road was flooded due to the rain and we couldnt get there so we turned around and came back but luckily we found a taxi driver in the town who knew anouther way so off we went and it was great because we were thr only people there! Next stop was nah trang, where we went out on bikes with the 3 guys we had met me and julie got on the back with the two that actuially had licenses leaving george on his own- bloody great idea as the first roundabout we got to he crashed. its probably worth mentioning the bikers here are suicidal theres millions of them and there seems to be no highway code! we visited a few places then pulled over at a little local eatery, unfortunately george didnt manage to stoip in time and he went straight in to some gravestones on display outside a shop smashing the lot, well the locals were not bloody happy! long story short it cost him about 30 quid and off we went! we then went to the hot springs and as we got back on the bikes there georges bike went flying off in to mine nearly killing poor julie who was stood in the middle in the process! we made it back miraculously with no one being killed- for that im thankful. The next day we went to miu ne which is supposed to be 'the'beach destination. the water was filthy and the tide was dangerous someone died while we were there apparently iv found out later. still we went for a swim i got caught by a wave and got washed ashore as i stood up my bottoms came down- i didnt think anyone saw but george was stood behind me and got a right eyeful. i then realised i had that much sand in them it was running down my legs and made it look like i had pooed myself... nice. the boys stayed in miu ne and me and julie went to saigon. Saigon is a shit tip, didnt like it at all firstly we went to the mekong delta which was great we got to sample lots of local tea, sweets and fruits and stuff and went for a boat ride down a small river in the jungle looking at their houses. we went to the cu chi tunnels ther day after where the vc hid during the war and saw some of their horrifu\ic ways of killing americans with the various traps and stuff. we then went to the war museum which was so upsetting they had pictures of the victims of √°gent orange' horrific. on the way out we saw alex a finnish guy who was at ha long bay with us we shouted him over and we went for dinner... we havent got rid of him since :-) we travelled the night after to cambodia on the worst bus in the world! Cambodia straight off was a breath of fresh air- despite what i have been told people are so so friendly and many of them dont even want anything they just want a chat. We got to phenom phen and decided to go straight to the killing fiels and a museum which used to be a school but was then turned in to a place where the khymer rouge tourtued their victims to death. the killing fields were very emotional. you dont see much of how it was its actually quite peaceful with a lake lots of trees and huindreds of butterflies. we had headsets on which guided us round the site and told us what happened there and why. The most upsetting bit was the 'killing tree' the khymer rouge didnt like to use bullets they were to expensive so they killed their victims (3 million which was 1 in 4 people in cambodia at the time) anyway the killing tree was where they killed babies in front of their mothers they were held by the legs and smashed in to the tree untill their skulls were caved in they were then thrown in the pit. it was awful. and the prison was also very creepy with its torture chambers and prison cells- not a good day and it was poor julies birthday as well! to make up for it i took a tuk tuk round town searching for a cake which i eventually round it did say love on it though because i couldnt seem to comunicate to the lovely girls in the shop that i wanted it to say happy birthday but never mind. when we ate the cake and sang happy birthday after dinner few guys who worked in the hostal brought julie a beer and invited us out with them, we went to a bbq with them and then to a club. We left for siem reap and did angkor wat here which is awesome!!! was a very long day though we were up at 4.30 am to see the sunrise, but it was well worth ity. iv not seen the film yet but the best temple was the one where tombraider 2 was filmed where all the trees have grown on it. Last night was messy as hell beer 25p and for some reason i thoiught absynth and red bull would be a good idea... nope. today has been lazy we have sunbathed round the pool... im still not brown but im working on it!


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