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August 16th 2010
Published: August 16th 2010
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I've been in Siem Reap for just over a week now and I have to say its becoming my favourite place. After the visit to Vuon I did a tour to one of the floating villages on the Tonle Sap, which is the biggest lake/river in South East Asia and is home to many different villages who are either literally floating on the river or houses built on stilts.

It was a fantastic tour because after our boat trip we got to walk through the village (we could walk because the water level is not at its highest yet). Sometimes tours can be a little bit kitch as they go to really touristy towns where the locals try and sell you things and beg for money etc but at Kompon Kleang there was none of that. It was fabulous to walk through and see the kids walking to school and the adults going about their day in the markets.

Finally after nearly a week in Siem Reap it was time to hit the temples. Unfortunately because its the rainy season there is often a lot of cloud in the sky so my sunset expedition was a fail. I went
Local Fish MongerLocal Fish MongerLocal Fish Monger

This lady thought we were hilarious for taking photos of her, I can't blame her.
to bed hoping that the clouds would stay away for sunrise as I was taking a bicycle there at 4.45am. Once again I was disappointed but I'm glad at least I made the effort so I know I didn't miss out on anything. After sunrise at Angkor I cycled back to the guesthouse and got a few hours sleep before Tuk Tuking it out to some of the other temples. I have aquired a trusty Tuk Tuk driver, whom I have used for everything but for the life of me I cant remember how to say his name! Terrible I know.

I have to say that althought Angkor Wat was great, I liked Ta Phrom the best because it seemed to have more character. How much more character can you get than 12th century I hear you ask? Well I don't know I think its the vibe of the thing y'know?

Thats about the news to date, I am staying a bit longer in SR to do some volunteer work at a childrens home but should be on the move by the end of the week.

Additional photos below
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Kompong KleangKompong Kleang
Kompong Kleang

These kids were just happy waving and smiling at the strange Barangs walking through their village.
Kompong KleangKompong Kleang
Kompong Kleang

These guys followed us all the way through the village, laughing and playing. Despite the fact they were clearly poorer than poor they never once asked for money. It was wonderful.
Kompong KleangKompong Kleang
Kompong Kleang

While waiting for school to start these girls had a game of 'high jump' of sorts. It was amazing how high they got!
Ta PhromTa Phrom
Ta Phrom

I've soon learned that Japanese/Koren tourists are the best to ask to take my pic, especially if they are wielding a big lensed Canon!
Terrace of the ElephantsTerrace of the Elephants
Terrace of the Elephants

Elephante's are my friends!
The other side of tourismThe other side of tourism
The other side of tourism

These guys were at the base of the Angkor Wat, begging money. Its a sad reality of Cambodia unfortunately.
Angkor WatAngkor Wat
Angkor Wat

After giving up on the 1 hour line to climb the central tower of Angkor I found a nice spot to contemplate the afternoon on the other side of the temple.

16th August 2010

oh you sound like you are having so much fun! Reading your blog makes it all come back to me like seeing the photo of the school kids in their uniforms! ohh I do miss Cambodia. Your sunnies look great by the way! Glad you are having a ball. My roast was delicious and the sun came out over the weekend so we headed to the Left Bank for a few red wines in the sun. Today I got my YF needle and started the process of insurance claims! Yuky. Think of you often x Fish
17th August 2010

Your photo's of the village people are just beautiful....It captures so much about them :-)
17th September 2010

daniel says hi

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