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October 28th 2009
Published: October 28th 2009
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Boy and Girl in Angkor Wat Boy and Girl in Angkor Wat Boy and Girl in Angkor Wat

The girl's mother is on a duty of offering joy sticks. She looks like a little devada or an apsara dancer.
Generally speaking, the name of Angkor Wat is well known and is misterious to us, maybe because of being easy on the ear. Surprising enoug, however, many Japanese people do not know where it is. At once they know Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia, they always express it is a dangerous and uncultivated place. Both words 'misterious' and 'uncultivated' are not related but paradoxical. The reason entirely depends on our Japanese educational less coverage of the areas such as Cambodia, Laos, Myammar and Nepal, thinking of the geography and history I learned at my school age. On the other hand, it is a fact that many of them want to go there in the near future. Fortunately using my holidays offered by my firm, I had a good chance to visit there alone, thanking to less cost of flight and hotel charge. As a first step, my selection of the temples I intend to visit are confined to the standard spots such as Angkor Thom and Bayon, Angkor Wat,Banteay Srey, Pre Rup, Ta Prum, Bakay mountain etc. about which readers will check out in the other blogger's details. The shape of temples of rocks contructed without glue , wall curvings, pillar curvings are very marvellous with Khumer's fine arts of the mixture of Hinduism and Budhism. Those temples are of masculine beauty while Japanese temples are of feminine beauty.

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Looking up ceiling made of rocks without glue
Rocks scattered Rocks scattered
Rocks scattered

To be assembled

To be assembled
Jigsaw PazzleJigsaw Pazzle
Jigsaw Pazzle

To be re-assembled
No way to No way to
No way to

Corrupt ceilings to be re-assembled or not, that is a question.

Met at Angkor Wat. They are very friendly.
In Rainy seasonIn Rainy season
In Rainy season

You can find how humid it is. I'm exhaused but with smile.
Wall CurvingWall Curving
Wall Curving

No space left at all. Who is the artist ?
East GateEast Gate
East Gate

Very few visitors to the East Gate
Baloon Baloon

Seeing from the West Gate enterance
Mosquite bite my footMosquite bite my foot
Mosquite bite my foot

The next door's building is a massage salon where mosquito- expelling device roared loudly. Just before getting asleep at 11:30pm, I heard unfamilar sounds and jupmted up from bed. I saw cloudy smoke from my room's window. I promptly gathered my property and went down to the hotel reception to check whether the fire were going on. A security came in and heard the roaring sound and found it was not fire before seeing the smoke. As keeping my room's window open, some mosquitos entered and bit my foot while sleeping. Receptionist checked it was not bite by a malaria mosquito but a harmless mosquito. The hotel told me 'No notice from the salon before expelling. How did he find "Harmless one".
My poor sapperMy poor sapper
My poor sapper

Phisically tired and unwilling to go out. I took an instant noodle, bread and a bottle of beer with a snack. I left chopstics at home. So, I could not have no way to use Two tooth brushes as chopstics. I should have brorrowed it from hotel restaurant.

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