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January 25th 2023
Published: January 25th 2023
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Savoteur has this to say:

Traveling and seeing the world is something that you will never forget. Adventures and experiences are some of the best things that money can buy. Traveling can be affordable. You can travel the world much cheaper through travel hacking and using points from travel rewards cards.

As you make your travel bucket list, make sure to put things you would be interested in. May it be adventurous, or to see beaches and cities, make your list your own and enjoy the journey. These 25 travel bucket list ideas are here to help you to create the best list possible.
(I will only include those that I have done)
Viva Las Vegas
Probably one of the easiest and closest places to visit. Vegas offers gambling, shows, shopping, golf, dining, nature, and in my case, dear friends. When my Mom was alive, we celebrated her birthday every December in Vegas. How I miss those days.
Santorini, Greece
While it is a couples place, the sunsets, offbeat minerality of the wine, and friendly people make it a unique experience. How many times can you actually stay on a former volcano with beautiful caldera views? If you only get to choose one island in Greece, choose Santorini. The sunsets are simply magnificent.
After being treated so badly in the 70s France of de Gaulle, I have slowly warmed up to Paris, and mostly the French countryside. I love Bordeaux, Loire, and Champagne. I attended my first French Open tennis last May. I plan to watch the Tour de France one day, and perhaps combine it with the Olympics in 2024. Oh, and the museums are quite interesting as well.
Grand Canyon
This is probably one place a person can visit a multitude of times, and always be overcome by its majesty. My suggestion for a first visit is taking the train from Williams to the South Rim. And make sure you have the burger at the El Tovar, best ever. Just be careful around the rim, or on the trail down to the bottom.
Boat Ride in Venice
I have just awful memories, a stinky, sewage filled city, with overpriced hotels and food. At the time, I thought it was the biggest tourist trap in the world. I vowed never to go back, unless I brought a clothes pin for my nose! Ask me how you spell gondolier? A$$hole!! Maybe the Venetian Resort in Vegas is a better option? Or the klongs of Bangkok, often called the "Venice of the East!" Definitely the klongs.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Another tourist trap, but a fun tourist trap, with good food, friendly people, great bars, and a beautiful old walled city. Just too many people in a small area. Try to find a quiet hotel off the beaten path and plan some excursions (Montenegro) outside of the city. There are many islands along the Dalmatian coast that are beautiful, with fewer tourists, and nice cycling routes. And decent wines.
An African Safari
We took several, and most of the safaris are well done, safe, and interesting, with decent food. Mr. Mike and I took four different ones, through Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana, followed by a luxurious two week stay with Barry the V in Cape Town, South Africa. These trips are expensive, and it is not worth cutting corners out in the wilderness.
Diving the Great Barrier Reef
The reef is huge, 133,000 square miles, and with over two million visitors per year. The reef is endangered, so tread carefully, with a reputable outfitter. We went to the far eastern side of the reef, where there were fewer people, more sea life, and quite remote. Nearby the Daintree Rainforest is a definite day trip. The seafood in this area is outstanding and cheap!
The Rocky Mountains
Yes, I miss the days when I skied about a dozen days a year outside of Denver. But winter or summer, the Rockies are magnificent. Take the train over the Continental Divide. I spent many winter days skiing with my Denver based buddies. And many apr├Ęs ski activities that cannot be retold.
The Acropolis of Athens
Though it is a permanent state of restoration, it is the most iconic place to visit in Greece. Down below, Plaka is my favorite section of Athens. The food and people will astound you. I am headed there for the fourth time, to see my adopted Greek brothers.
Sail in Halong Bay, Vietnam
While I am not a big boat or water person, Halong Bay was a good introduction to a boat cruise (overnight), with beautiful views, pristine karsts, and the bluest waters. The water is so calm, it does not feel like the ocean. And the cabins and food were decent!
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
One of my two favorite places in the world (the other is Amazonia). I have visited three times, and hope for a fourth. Our friends there now have children, and I look forward to visiting with them again. The temples are magnificent. The people in Cambodia are friendly, and love Americans. The food is very interesting, with a strong French influence, at very affordable prices.
The Roman Colosseum
My visit was so long ago, but all I could think about were the poor Christians being fed to the lions. The Italians need to do a better job of restoration and limiting access to the ruins. Can you believe it would hold 80,000 people?
Machu Picchu
Just too many people here in a small area. The trip to Machu on the train is tedious, the food is just average, and the area is very expensive. But if you feel you need to go, just go once and be done with it! I much prefer the National Parks in Utah, and Monument Valley.
They left off too many great places to visit and experience.
So what remains on my Water Pail list?
The Australian Open (I have made it to the US Open, French Open, and Wimbledon)
The Orient Express (if I win the lottery)
Traverse Japan from the far north to the far south on the Shinkansen (maybe partly by bicycle?)
Visit remaining Canadian provinces (mostly in the east: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island)
Slide on the salt flats at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (world's largest salt flats)
Another Summer Olympic Games, and my first Winter Olympics.
The Tour de France
Not bad, just seven on the Water Pai list remaining. What about you?


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