Day 82: Sunrise times two

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January 26th 2019
Published: February 13th 2019
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Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This phrase kept running through my head as we went on yet another sunrise journey. Today we went to Phnom Bakheng which is known for its sunsets, but also ended up being my favorite sunrise spot. It is suppose to be a 30 minute hike up to the temple, but our driver Pairon would have none of that. He hiked us up in 15 minutes flat. There was a group of people gathered at the bottom of the temple and Pairon went right past and started climbing the stairs with Shelby and me chasing after. A woman goes, see them those girls know what they are doing follow them...I almost fell down the steps laughing because we had no clue. Pairon told us to sit here and watch. He pointed out Angkor Wat, where the sun would rise over, the reseviours and where the elephants would trek up from. The sunrise here was incredibly quiet and tranquil with only 30 or so other people around and being above everything. The colors seemed brighter and the entire jungle seemed to come alive with the sun. We walked around the temple and it is crazy to think about the people bring this much stone from quarries miles and miles away and up a hill without the use of any motor. They literally used elephants, pulleys and the waterways to get this done. The etchings/carvings on the stone faces are flawless. It would have taken me my entire life to do one and I probably would have messed up on the last leaf and had to throw it out. To think about making something that would last a thousand years blew my mind away. Here in Cambodia they have hundreds of things built to stand the test of time and thousands of sunrises to come.


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