Day 79: A Rare Case of Road rage

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January 23rd 2019
Published: February 6th 2019
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We had finished a village delivery surprisingly quick because several filters were given to the same family who lived close to each other. We were on our way back to Siem Reap excited to grab lunch and be out of the hottest part of the day. Three of us were in the back of the truck and two in the cab. Heng is a very considerate driver to those in the back and will slow down if pot holes are unavoidable, but like most drivers, will use the shoulder or opposite lane to avoid them all together. One pot hole was the entire lane so he moved over but during that moment another car tried to pass and Heng had to swerve to avoid hitting him. The crash was averted and we were on our way. However, the other car started tailing us, pulliing up next to us, honking, shouting and eventually got in front of us and braked forcing us to pull over. He got out and came to Heng’s door and demanded he got out of the car. When Heng refused, he flung open the door and tried to drag him out of the truck. He was screaming at Heng who was calmly trying to explain what happened and Den also tried to diffuse the situation. This went on for 30 minutes while his car blocked the entire lane and almost caused two accidents. Another car showed up (appeared to be a police officer) until he started yelling at Heng. Soon Trailblazer’s boss (Ratnack) showed up and there was a brief conversation between all 4 men and everyone went on there way. Many cars slowed down and stared in utter dismay which told us this was not a typical scene. Later, we found out the man believed Heng intentionally tried to prevent him from passing and was so upset that he tried to pass that Heng tried to run him off the road. He threatened Heng’s life for threatening his family’s. The man who showed up was his buddy AND a police officer in another city. His solution to de-escalate his friend was Heng should pay him money. Heng refused and called Ratnack, who the police officer just happened to knoww (Ratnack has family history in the military and is well connected within the government) and said oh no problem we just want an apology.


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