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January 13th 2010
Published: February 23rd 2019
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After visiting two of the most beautiful places in Asia and probably in the world like "Angkor Wat and Bayon" I then went to another interesting place as Bantãy Srĕi (Citadel of Women) a 10th-century Khmer temple. The day was very hot and humid, far away from the other temples in Siem Reap, so I decided to drop my bike and getting a ride till the temple. Riding on a motorbike, here, in this part of Asia, which is most of the year hot and humid, is just sensational, I was almost drenched while searching for a ride came out of the guesthouse only. When heading to Bantãy Srĕi, you pass through the Cambodian countryside, you will see little villages, farmland, beautiful landscapes and other less known temples along the way.

An eye-catching aspect of this temple are the intricacy of the bas relief carvings on the wall, hence the name, Bantãy Srĕi or citadel of the women. It is also said that the name relates to the many devatas (celestial dancing girls) carved into the wall of the building.

There are a lot of fine decorative motifs including the kala (toothy monster symbolic of
Lintel and devatasLintel and devatasLintel and devatas

This blind door at Banteay Srei is flanked by colonettes. Above the door is a lintel, and on both sides are the bass reliefs of a devata.
time), the guardian dvarapala (a protector of the temple), devata and the colonette.

The site is pretty small but really worth a visit for its lovely fine carvings, if you have the chance to admire them peacefully, taking nice pictures without all the crowd in the way.

One of my favourite part is the mandapa (a temple hall used for public rituals) of stark red colored stone situated in the northeastern part of the temple area.

I had a short time at Bantãy Srĕi, mostly because of the huge crowds that are drawn here, but it is certainly one of the most wonderful places around Siem Reap to check out.

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A pediment shows the burning of Khāṇḍava Forest.

This fine carving is of a kala, a mythical creature representative of time and of the god Siva.

24th February 2019

The architecture and cravings are amazing.
24th February 2019

Hi, indeed the architecure is great , I loved been there and loved been in Cambodia, lovely country. thanks for you comment byebye

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