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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 4th 2015

Flight to Siem Reap was easy but a little late. Arrived at the Sofitel Angkor Wat in the dark so did not appreciate the beauty of the resort until morning. As soon as we finished our buffet dinner (everything you could want and artistically presented as well) we were entertained by Aspara dancers. Bed - early as always here in Asia. {I am travelling in the bus right now headed to our ship and just before our rest stop we were in beautiful sunshine and right now it's pouring rain} the other amazing thing about this bus is that I can communicate this way while travelling through a country that has very little as you can see from the photos. They do love their beautiful things though - flowers, silks and women. Up at 7 for ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 4th 2015

Après une nuit rythmé au son du groupe électrogène alimentant notre chez guets house le réveil à 4H ce fait sentir, nous partons donc en Tuk-Tuk pour explorer ces "petits temples". Pour commencer la journée petit déjeuné à bases de fruit ( banane et fruit du dragon) devant un étonnant mais nuageux lever du soleil sur Angkor Wat ! Le reste de la journée ce fait dans la cadence des explorations des temples gravitant autour de Angkor Wat mais qui sont à mes yeux bien plus authentique, spirituel et naturellement calme. Par la suite retour à notre lieux de couchage après une journée bien remplis, nous choisirons avec cette nuit et avec la certitude que notre hôte australien avide de cupidité de fuir cette guest house SHLAG ( ce mot signifie nul, de mauvaise qualité, sale ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 3rd 2015

L'équipe étant au complet nous choisissons de nous rapprocher de la fameuse région des temples d'Angkor pour en facilité l'axé! Notre choix et donc de partir à l'Aborétum guest house qui ne paye pas de mine aux premiers abord et qui parait plutôt paisible, lit en bambou, petit jardin paisible tout cela situé au milieu de la campagne et de la vie Cambodgienne. Le petit marché du village nous fait rencontrer un couple de cambodgien qui parle français et qui nous explique que le propriétaire aurait embaucher des cambodgienne sans vraiment les payés ....... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 26th 2015

As our tuk tuk driver, Verak, drops us off on Saturday he says "ok, so I see you 5 in the morning for sunrise?" We really are going against the standard approach, but we think the kids would last maybe an hour after sunrise so we tell him to hold off. A day off! We swim in the pool and go for coffee and Vegemite toast at a little Australian cafe, it's so good we go back for another coffee and lunch (Els is coping well with her molars but mum's in need of coffee). We wander through trendy and expensive shops and head out to a flash restaurant set amongst restored wooden Khmer houses for dinner. We even manage to go to bed early. At 5 am we roll out of bed, bundle sleepy children ... read more
The light punching through the clouds
Still on our own

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 25th 2015

Where to begin with the Temples of Angkor. It's the worlds largest religious complex. It's just possible to see most of the important and famous temples in 2 days. We were given loads of advice not to see the best first so we opted for a gradual build up to what we all were there to see Angkor Wat. It is really difficult to describe the grandeur and wonder, the different details and elements. This place is vast, ancient and spiritually significant not to mention just beautiful. We will do our best with photos and words to capture just a little, without giving you temple fatigue. Day 1 we decided to do the outer ring of temples first much to our tuk tuk drivers dismay. He said "you're doing it wrong, Angkor Wat first". There is ... read more
Angkor roads
Elephant tours went up hills for better views
North Gate Angkor Thom

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 25th 2015

Poetic justice. The Buddhist temple once conquered the jungle. Now the jungle is taking it back. Indiana jones or Tomb raider is how many describe this temple, which makes sense in terms of its exciting, mysterious, re-discovered qualities. But it's far more poetic and quietly moving than that. The mighty strength of the enormous trees, growing through and around the even stronger walls is exquisite! It is clearly a difficult balance between restoration, maintenance and nature. This place is shady and hung with moss and lichen, even the stone seems green lit, nature clearly is taking it back, crumbling the walls. But there's a need for humans to maintain their work, to retain its beauty, it's significance and they're doing a wonderful subtle job of it. We loved ta prohm, the carvings and temple as always ... read more
The entrance
The first glimpse
Beautiful carvings

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 13th 2015

So the title of the blog will become evident later in our story. So just wait for it. We started out as normal at 0800 with another day in the Siem Reap area. We met our guide and driver and headed about an hour to a really big lake we can't remember the name of but it is as big as the Great Lakes and feeds the Mekong River. Up to this point the weather has been hot and humid but mostly overcast. Today it all changed. It was hot, humid and SUNNY. Hot as balls. Chester and Kirsten decided to buy big Kentucky Derby hats to try and fend off the sun. We headed to a smaller boat and down the dredged channel to the lake. On the lake there are entire floating villages, with ... read more
Everything is recycled here
floating School
Floating fish Farm

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 12th 2015

Our first morning in Cambodia is one that has been much anticipated. We have our morning routine down pretty good. We get up about 90 minutes before we have to meet our guide. This morning was a 6:30 wake up. The three of us can shower and get ready within an hour; that leaves 30 minutes for breakfast. The hotel is really nice and not what we expected. As well as the breakfasts at every hotel have been great. Eight am rolls around and our guide, Nok, picks us up for our day of bike riding to the Angkor temples. We drove a short distance to get our park passes and then hopped on the bikes. It was great to be active today and not riding around in a "nap trap". The first temple was a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 20th 2015

Nick: So, here we are in Siem Reap. Whilst Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city, far more people flock here, being as it is the gateway to the world-famous Angkor Wat – ‘Angkor’ being the place, and ‘Wat’ being the word for temple, as I understand it. On arrival at our hostel, having already made plans with our latest tuk tuk driving friend for the following day, we were immediately greeted with deliciously sweet and cold ice-tea, served up in a coconut shell and drunk through a hollow lemongrass ‘straw’ – alongside a bowl of banana crisps, I can think of worse ways to start in a new city....It went down an absolute treat after the morning’s travel. As per usual we were keen to get out straight away and explore our new surroundings, not least ... read more
Pub Street, Siem Reap
Fish feeding time!
Bayon Temple

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 20th 2015

04 juin 2015 : Nous passons toute la journée à Angkor, tout d'abord à Angkor Thom puis le fameux temple d'Angkor Vat. Le bus nous dépose à l'entrée du site qui comprend les deux sites et même d'autres. Une fois le badge en poche, nous prenons les tuk-tuk (petites remorques attelées à des motos) pour nous déplacer de l'entrée jusqu'à Angkor Thom puis d'Angkor Thom à Angkor Vat. Nous visitons tout d'abord Bayuon et ses 54 tours à visages représentant Jayavarman VII sous son aspect divin surgissant de chaque côté. Le Palais Royal s'étend sur 600 mètres et comprend le temple Phimeanakas, la terrasse des éléphants (une vaste terrasse surélevée dont les côtés sont ornés de bas-reliefs représentant des éléphants) et la terrasse des lépreux qui doit son nom à une statue qui y fut retrouvée. ... read more

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