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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 1st 2018

We leave Battambang with no regrets, having thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this non-touristy City, and the unique experiences there. Even our attentive hosts who have no idea of cleanliness or Hotel management have been charming, and as a final gesture of goodwill, send us on our way with sandwiches for the journey ahead of our 7.40am pickup, a very nice touch, especially as we ate them half way to Siem Reap, out of boredom, only to find them delicious! But, we are ready to move on to ventures new, a 4 hour journey through some of the flattest and most boring Countryside we have seen here, through gloomy and downright chilly conditions finally bring us to Siem Reap. As if by magic, the skies are clear, sunny and very hot. A good start and a ... read more
Well-restored Restaurant, French Colonial style
Leo discovers Pub Street (El Dorado he says)
Sampling the local brew

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 8th 2017

I’d heard so much about Angkor Wat, the size, and significance of it I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I hadn’t read a lot about it so didn’t have much detailed knowledge. But knew that we had to go. Shirley, our travel agent who had been not long previously, suggested a sunrise visit, pick up at 5am. Great! But yes. I can get up early if it is for a reason. And so we left in darkness, entered the Western Gate in darkness, fortunately our guide Mr Boon, had a torch. And knew the way. No one was there. Where were the millions I had read about who came to see the sun rise over the five towers? We gained insight into the vastness of this incredible complex as we walked with the forest on ... read more
The sunrise
The millions

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 29th 2017

Why must you be so cautious in these three countries? (From The Street by Eric Reed) Number 2: Many Americans don't realize that Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. Although this nation is a clash of peoples, including large populations of ethnically Indian and Chinese, Muslim Malay makes up the dominant culture. The result is that this popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia doesn't quite have the anything goes attitude of its neighbors to the north. In most places (aside from special exception zones like Penang and Kuala Lumpur), alcohol is highly taxed and somewhat difficult to get. Publicly advocating for religions other than Islam is banned (so be careful about wearing that crucifix) as is open homosexuality. Most interesting, though, is the country's attitude toward souvenirs. Taking home any flora or fauna without permission is ... read more
Many trips to Bangkok, and they are safe!!!
Old Belrin Wall in East Germany, 1971
Cabbages and Condoms

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor March 21st 2017

Hi everyone, Just letting you know this blog has now moved over to Wanderlust Tarrants so please jump over and subscribe and check out my new site and content. If you can share it on Facebook too I would appreciate it. Regards Marita and Todd... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor May 17th 2016

Feeling a lot better when I woke so today is the day we visit Angkor Wat. A tropical storm started just before we left so the 30 minute ride in the tuk tuk was more of an adventure. Built about 800 years ago this collection of temples takes up 400 square kilometres and was a city of 1 million people at a time when London was just 50,000 people. It was lost to the jungle and forgotten about and was rediscovered by the French in 1860. After buying our entry passes we first went to the Angkor Wat temple itself. It has the scale of the pyramids but with much greater levels of intricacy and decoration and it was in surprisingly. The rain meant that there were far fewer visitors than normal and we quite enjoyed ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 18th 2016

I have just come from the Night Market. After dismissing it out-of-hand 48 hours ago, I let Noy talk me into it. My dinner restaurant was nearby, and this evening there was no other entertainment. The driver, Phol, dropped me off at what looked like the same street entrance I saw on Tuesday during my brief stroll. I carefully walked in straight lines, noting landmark shops. In truth, it was large and noisy and busy, but the goods were just regular tourist souvenirs: decorated t-shirts, loose cotton pants for women, crafty change purses, etc. A few jewellery stores glittered in the night lights (was that silver or shiny pewter or worse?). Greeting cards with elaborate paper cutwork were more in keeping with this region’s culture. Cheap restaurants were doing good business. Endless shops offered foot and ... read more
Collapsed roof, unrestored
Beautifully symmetrical main entrance
Victims of Landmines musical group

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 17th 2016

Amazing what sleep does to improve cognitive processing. Last evening, even though the forgotten plug converter was a desperate problem, I was so tired I had to have a rest before going to bed at 9:00! This morning I woke about 5:00 and let my mind drift for an hour or so. The first thing that came into my mind was a “snapshot” of the room’s plug receptacle, with the conviction that it was the design that accepts both European and North American plugs. The first thing I did upon getting up was to check it out. Hooray! No converter required! Breakfast was a splendid buffet. First I had tropical fruit salad with dragon fruit, among others. Then I tried the Cambodia soup – delicious but light. Then I had an omelette, in case of a ... read more
Gate to Angkor Thom
Gods pulling python
Bayon Temple 12 century

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 17th 2016

Our whole afternoon was for Angkor Wa. Noy scheduled our visit for the heat of the day after lunch because the crowds thin out then and one can actually see the temple. Still, there were lots of people, although perhaps not as densely packed as at Angkor Thom. Also, we began at the back to arrive at the front, which faces west, when the afternoon light improves the views. Alone of the 1080 temples in Cambodia, Angkor Wa faces west, possibly because a king was buried there, thus it is not a conventional temple. All others face east so the main gate greets the sun. As we approached, I could see that unlike Angkor Thom, Angkor Wa is built on three distinct levels, and the architecture is more regular. The great marvel is the second level ... read more
Vishnu balancing on a tortoise
Window detail
Blessing Dance

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 16th 2015

We decided four and a half hours sleep was more than enough, so we rose at 4.30am to head off to Angkor Wat in time to see the sunrise. The Japanese speaking guides tell our guide, Nin, that he's dropped on by learning English instead of Japanese because Japanese tourists insist on this every day of their stay. The English are satisfied with just the one sunrise. Nin had been up even later than us because the leader of the opposition party was due to fly in to the local airport at 10.15pm, and over a thousand Cambodians were there to support him. Despite being labelled a democracy, Cambodia is incredibly corrupt, far more so than democratic democracies. During the last election, there was a power cut during the count for 20 minutes and, lo and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 15th 2015

I refuse to leave this country without a photo of five people on one moped - I've seen it often enough, but not caught it on camera. I've captured a few fours, lots of threes, various irregular and oversize items, but no fives yet. Helen has seen a six: Mum, Dad, teenage daughter, two babies. Get in! Our guide for the rest of the Cambodia trip is Nin. He is awesome. He's a travel guide by day, teacher of disadvantaged children at night. He's been a farmer and is also a professional photographer. This means he knows all the best places to get better shots without lots of numpty tourists in the way. He's extremely passionate about his job and gets very animated as you tells you the history. Like all Cambodians of his generation he ... read more

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