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June 10th 2013
Published: June 10th 2013
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Hi all
We've just spent the last few days in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Stopped off for a night at a kl airport hotel on the way, nice place made even better by the all you can eat buffet, we both went a little overboard, photo of my pudding attached! We also had the pleasure of glimpsing Everest from the flight from Kathmandu, we had a good look for 5 mins as it was visible above the clouds, pretty special even if it was a long way off. In Cambodia, we managed to find a boozer that showed the lions rugby games which made me a very happy camper! Siem Reap is a nice provincial town although it is very, very touristy. Loads of fancy big hotels to cater for tourists visiting all the temples. They are astonishing so you can see why it's so popular, we were in low season, must be incredibly busy in their high season as there were thousands there at the same time as us. We spent a fourteen hour day visiting most of the main temples, starting at 5am at Angkor Wat. We'll put the best of the photos up. Most were built in the 11th and 12th centuries and the sheer scale is very impressive. Angkor Wat is a kilometre square with the main towers right in the middle, they're about 70m high. One of the most incredible facts is that these temples were for the kings at the time only. So, all this work and incredible beauty and they were only ever visited by one person!! Don't think those kings would be very happy to see the number of visitors now! Next it was on to Angkor Thom, which is massive. A huge moat surrounds the square of 3km per side, with only 5 bridges. In the 11th century 750,000 people lived within its walls. At its centre are 3 temples, Bayon being the most impressive. Further down the road we also visited Ta Prohm, which is famous as the one used in the Tomb Raider film. Very different, as the whole thing's overgrown, it's the trees that are the star of the show here as they've found a way through all the stone and created incredible roots over most of the temple itself. We visited loads of other temples too, as well as a floating village in the nearby lake, which is the source of fish for most of Cambodia. We're here at the end of the dry season, the whole lake (140km long) is around 10m higher after monsoon! You can get an idea from the houses on stilts near the lake shore. Other than that we've enjoyed some sunbathing time at our nice wee hotel, and a cracking massage one evening. Siem Reap has some great street markets, I tried out the fish feet massage thing, after 3 weeks trekking I think my size 13s represented something of a feast for the fishies!! We also managed another night out to watch Scotland and the lions play rugby = awesome. Now it's off to Bali and Lombok for some beach time, can't wait. Feels like we're on proper holiday time now!! Lots of love Donald and Kirstin. xx

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10th June 2013

Loving the beard
Great to hear about your trip and see some amazing photos. It looks like you are both having a fantastic time. Just had to say that the beard is almost the most impressive thing Donald! Julie W thought you had a striking similarity to David Bellamy (just about 4 stone lighter by the looks of it!) Better get back to that all you can eat hotel! Enjoy!!

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