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November 14th 2007
Published: November 14th 2007
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Admission tickets to Angkor Temples: $20 USD for one day, $40 USD for three consecutive days. When you purchase your ticket, they take your photo and the entire ticket and pictures is laminated for you! We were a bit templed out and tired by the third day. The humidity and heat was making me dizzy - and soon enough the awesome temples started to look like piles of rock. Day 3 we took it easy and went back to Angkor Wat - yes, that's three days in a row. However, this time, we found a "guide" to explain the carvings and history in more detail to us. Apparently, if you want a temple guide for a full day during high season (Nov- Mar), you need to book way in advance ($25 USD for a full day). We wanted to find a guide in 1 hour... so we got this guide that had pretty poor English pronounciation. I still learned a lot from him, but I was exhausted after 2+ hours from listening and trying to understand him. I highly recommend getting a guide for at least part of your visit to the temples. The history, and meaning of the carvings, etc can be found in a guide book too. So interesting. Angkor Wat is more beautiful during sunset; the lighting makes the temple absolutely beautiful.

I hope everyone reading this can someday visit this place. I was thoroughly impressed and it's just unforgettable. I'm afraid that the temples will either become unauthentic or will continue to erode from tourism and weather. Just think, people are allowed to walk all over the temples and structures and no one enforces of touching or sitting on the actual ruins! It's going to wear down! Or, one day you'll have to view everything from a viewing area, or from far away. Go now! 😊

J and I took it easy on our third day - long breakfast, she read, I wrote on my blog, ate lunch and then visited the temples. Then, 10:00 pm that night, I was blow drying my hair and I turned it off and said to J, "Isn't today the 12th? I think our flight to Bangkok was today." Sure enough, it was indeed the 12th and indeed our tickets were for the 12th. Oops. Guess we (and our heads) really were on vacation! 😊 It worked out fine
Bye bye CambodiaBye bye CambodiaBye bye Cambodia

Us on the tuk-tuk we rode for two full days.
- we just hopped onto the morning Bangkok Airways flight. We sure are silly though - that's a mistake I've never made. Haha. At the airport we bumped into a couple, and the man said to me "I remember you - I took a photo of your nose!" He was referring to the silhouette photo of me at the carved faces temple. He was right! We had a nice chat with the retired couple from NYC. They were eager to share their travel stories with us. Traveling is one of those universal languages I think - it doesn't matter the age, it's a commonality that really brings people together. Here they were speaking to a pair of young Californian Asian girls. They were so nice and I thought it was awesome they were traveling SE Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia). I hope one day when I'm old I'll still be able to do some tame adeventure traveling. NYC husband turned out to be a retired Supreme Ct Justice.

Siem Reap airport charges a departure fee of $24 USD (plus "Visa" fee was $20 USD). At least 1.5 million people visit Angkor Wat a year... Where does all this money go? The airport is quite nice, and the flight to BKK is only 40 minutes - the plane doesn't even need to go up that high since it lands before you know it. Our last afternoon in Bangkok J and I shopped (I had to spend my Thai Bahts!), ate our last Thai meals, and got our last foot massage. We stayed at a hotel next to Buddy Lodge called Rikka Inn (259 Khaosan Rd, Banglumpoo, Bangkok, (66)2-282-7511, The hotel is new, rooms are very clean, and there's a pool. Only 800B a night (less than $30 USD)! Great deal.

J's friend M picked us up from our hotel early in the morning and dropped us off at the BKK airport. M really went out of the way for us - how nice and hospitable! Bye bye Thailand!

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Angkor WatAngkor Wat
Angkor Wat

this used to be filled with water
Aspara carvingAspara carving
Aspara carving

Notice her face and breasts are smooth - control the urge to touch!
One last look!One last look!
One last look!

We came really far to see the Angkor Temples...

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