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Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom January 3rd 2019

The reason for staying in Kampong Thom was to see the nearby temple complexes of Sambor Prei Kuk. These temples were built between the 6th and 10th century AD and are all tributes to the Hindu God Shiva or his consorts. They pre-date Angkor Wat and were recommended by the Lonely Planet as being more jungly and thus more like Angkor Wat used to be like before it was cleared. It recently became a World Heritage Site (2017). The temples are around 25km from town. You can get tuk tuks or a moto there but this works out quite expensive ($30 return for tuk tuk). We chose to rent a scooter for the day. Our hotel rents them out for $10 a day, and there’s somewhere else in town. These bikes are less well looked after ... read more
Temple outside the 3 main groups
Group N - view through forest to central temple
Wall around group S

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom January 2nd 2019

Today we headed to Kampong Thom, a small town which is used as a base to visit the nearby Sambor Prei Kuk temples (recently made a world heritage site). Our bus wasn’t until 1230 so we got to enjoy another leisurely morning first. After breakfast we packed, I went for a swim in the rain, we read a bit and then checked out. For some strange reason you cannot buy a bus ticket to Kampong Thom. Instead you buy it to Siem Reap and ask to be dropped off early. We struggled to find out where the drop off point is but it’s opposite the Arunus Hotel in the centre of the town for all the bus companies. We travelled with Giant Ibis again, finding them professional, safe and comfortable, albeit more expensive than the alternatives. ... read more
Interesting fellow road users

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom November 14th 2015

The one armed man, former Khmer Rouge (although he was introduced as a Suryavarman supporter who had defected), was a lot more welcoming than he was in during the 90's. Back then, he'd greeted Sokum's tourist bus with guns and a rocket launcher, Sukum had to run out with his hands up shouting "Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I have a bus of 30 tourists and it won't be good to shoot foreign nationals!" Sokum was laughing so hard as he recalled this to us, equally so was the one armed man. People move on I guess, especially when you consider that the Khmer Rouge killed 16 of Sokum's family. I didn't quite get how the arm was lost, but it was through conflict, the guy was miming all sorts of stuff and I think he also ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom May 31st 2015

Hi everybody. As you have noticed we are back on the road. After a delayed flight out of Adelaide we finaly arrived in Siem Reap. We spend one night In Kuala Lumpur and stayed on the airport Sama Sama Hotel payed by the airline company. We arrived a day late in Cambodia so all the plans had to move. The first afternoon we spend buying a shirt from A nice hamburger. We walked all the way back to our Hotel and that was well over an hour. Very happy to see our bed. The next day we went on a Temple tour. Not much riding but a lot of walking. That is not so bad but the heat here is bad. It was 40 degrees the first day that we saw so 6 temples. They differ ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom July 11th 2014

So the time came on Tuesday to say goodbye to Siem reap :-( We had a few new travel buddies, all ladies which was lovely. Camille Crome the USA, Evi fro Belgium and Carrie from the USA. We were heading to Kampong Thom before getting back into Phnom Penh. Our first stop was the Phnom Kulen National Park. Phnom Kulen is considered by Khmers to be the most sacred mountain in Cambodia and is a popular place of pilgrimage during weekends and festivals. We had the opportunity to see the riverbed rock carvings better known as the 1,000 lingas. The lingam (also, linga, ling, Shiva linga, Shiv ling, Sanskrit लिङ्गं, liṅgaṃ, meaning "mark", "sign", or "inference")is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva used for worship in temples. In traditional Indian society, the linga is rather ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom April 1st 2013

A mini bus arrived early next morning to collect Jerry, Ginny and myself and take us to the main bus station in Siem Reap where we boarded a larger bus for the trip to Kampong Thom. We were travelling there to spend the night and surprise my mother and sister Suzie, who were also going to be staying there enroute to Siem Reap from Phenom Penh. They were not expecting to see us - Ginny and I had managed to acquire a room six weeks earlier at the hotel they were staying in.Two and a half hours on the bus passed by quickly as we chatted and laughed together and before we knew it the bus had stopped for lunch. We had needed to purchase bus tickets through to Phenom Penh even though Kampong Thom was ... read more
A forest of stilts
Climbing down to the road
Stilt houses

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom February 25th 2013

Kampong Thom to Seam Reap Sunday morning and we can have a lie in? No the funeral started again this morning at 5.30 and we can hear the lamenting voice of a woman singing out loud and clear, it makes you realise you are in a foreign country. After this came the gutterall tones of a man, it seemed like we were in Morocco and were being called to prayer. The religion here however is Buddhism and the funeral continues. Next we hear the cockerels and then the ducks and birds and figure we might as well join in. Quite surreal, singing on a Sunday morning with the light shining through pinpoint holes in the roof so that it looks like stars however we soon gave up as we didn't know the words.Breakfast overlooking the pool ... read more
Pre Angkorian Temple
Children will try to sell you anything
How many people can you get in a van

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom February 23rd 2013

Woke up to a cloudy day in Kep but we could see the sea from our room and our breakfast was just what we wanted, muesli , fresh OJ fruit and pancakes. The hotel is owned by Australians and managed by young Khmer staff who are delightful . Sitting outside by the pool overlooking the ocean it didn't seem like we were in Cambodia, not sure where it felt like. We were picked up and driven past a huge crab which what Kep is all about to the pepper farm, not the hottest experience we have had. After learning about the 3 different types and buying some expensive peppercorns we hot footed it out of there to Takeo where we thought we were going on a leisurely cruise up the canal through the rice fields but ... read more
Kampot pepper farm
Steve at pepper farm
Captain 'The Stig'

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom January 27th 2013

Vi har i dag vært på guidet tur til et tempel som lå på en fjelltopp..dvs. en høyde på sånn ca. 300 meter. På denne "fjelltoppen" var det flere templer av diverse størelser. Vår guide som lyder navnet Som holdte et lengre foredrag om Buddismen. Men da hans engelsk kunnskaper ikke er blant de beste er det ikke riktig alt man får med seg. Selv passasjer som kommer fra engelskspråklige land har store problemer med å skjønne hva han snakker/babler om. Senere på dagen var vi klare for nok en utflukt, denne gangen skulle vi på en annen høyde og se på... Ja akkurat nok et tempel! Men i dette tempel område var det i tillegg masse frekke apekatter som vi matet med bananer. Etter dette tempel besøket fortsatte ferden videre til en økolandsby. Denne byen ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Thom January 27th 2013

HE SAID... We woke at 6.30am and headed down to breakfast at 7am. I had no appetite, but I managed a small bowl of muesli and a glass of (very) sweet fruit juice. After a final check of our packs, we jumped into our minibus at 9.30am and left Siem Reap for Sambor Prei Kuk, where we were to be accommodated with a nearby local family. We arrived in Kompong Thom (which sits approximately halfway between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh) at 12.30pm. We stopped at a great roadside restaurant for lunch which had five small wooden platforms (each with two hammocks, a table and a straw roof) jutting into the Stung Sen River. It was an ideal place to relax and unwind with a quick meal. I wasn’t hungry, so Ren opted for ginger and ... read more
rice and palm sugar cakes
sambor prei kuk
sambor prei kuk

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