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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 8th 2018

We travelled to Yangon from Kolkata yesterday. It was an easy flight and customs was really quick (much faster than expected after what I’d read). We managed to exchange our Indian rupees, use he atm and then find a pre-paid taxi (just outside the airport exit and much cheaper than what we had been offered by people inside the terminal). The traffic is bad and we arrived at our hotel quite late in the afternoon. Yangon is much hotter than we had anticipated and we were relieved to have air con. We had a brief wander around the area our hotel is in and then went to a restaurant/bar recommended by our taxi driver for dinner after which we got an early night. Today we decided to follow the Lonely Planets ‘walking tour’ of Yangon. Trying ... read more
High court building
Auditor Generals Building
Mahabandoola Garden

Asia » Burma October 17th 2018

Myanmar- MINDFULNESS... Trở về từ Myanmar sau 28 ngày, tôi cảm thấy mình hạnh phúc hơn, tịnh tâm hơn và biết ơn nhiều hơn? Why? Hãy cùng tôi review lại những ngày tháng oanh liệt thanh xuân của tôi ở Myanmar xinh đẹp nha. - Ngày đầu đặt chân đến Yangon, tôi như bước vào 1 thế giới khác với cửa khẩu xấu xí, xe chở bé xíu với đường ổ gà ổ chó, nhiều trạm lính gác suốt dọc đường đòi tiền, và bẩn...thức ăn nhiều dầu mỡ... nhưng được cái khá rẻ - Ngồi trên chuyến xe xuyên màn đêm, ngồi cạnh lái xe, tôi thỉnh thoảng tỉnh giấc giữa đêm khuya rùi lại thiếp đi ngủ tip vì quá mệt. - Đến Yangon, ui cái nhà vệ sinh xấu xí nhất quả đất... ... read more

Asia » Burma August 30th 2018

Schon während meines ersten längeren Asien-Aufenthaltes 2008 wollte ich unbedingt nach Bagan in Myanmar, um mir das Pagodenfeld anzuschauen. Hab es aber damals aus zeitlichen Gründen leider nicht geschafft, weshalb dieses Mal Myanmar ganz oben auf meiner Reiseliste stand. Und so bin ich von Bangkok nach Yangoon (Rangun) geflogen, der größten Stadt im Süden des Landes. Günstige Flugverbindungen, wie wir es mit Eurowings etc. kennen, gibt es hier in Asien sehr viele, was das Reisen sehr einfach macht. Myanmar (auch Burma oder Birma genannt) ist für mich eine exakte Kombination aus Thailand und Indien. Und trotzdem sind mir Dinge aufgefallen, die es nur in Myanmar gibt. Denn bereits am Flughafen bemerkt man die Andersartigkeit der Menschen. Fast alle Frauen, aber auch die meisten Männer tragen den traditionellen Longi – einen Wickelrock, der mit Businesshemden oder Tshirt ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake August 20th 2018

We all travel for different reasons. Some of us are attracted to famous places, and sights. Others are attracted to food and culture. And yet others want to get away from crowds, find quiet corners of the world, and just relax. Turn off all of the electronics, veg out, so to speak, and just enjoy nature and solitude. But those places are harder to find. On my last trip to eastern Europe, we found both Poland (Warsaw) and Hungary (Budapest) to be relatively quiet, uncrowded, with lots of locals enjoying themselves, especially in the evenings. Going further out, places like Botswana, Antelope Canyon (AZ), Nepal, southern Chile, Medellin (Columbia), and some of our National Parks, provide a break from people, noise, high rises, and commercialism. I am decidedly in the middle, having seen and visited the ... read more
And the earth is round???
Too many long lines
Long lines have character?

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake August 15th 2018

SURPRISING LAKE INLE MYANMAR The bus was cold and uncomfortable and the trip was long. I endured. When we were close to our destination I had to change vehicles. Now I was traveling in the early dawn in an open tuk tuk…a small bus with the sides and back cut away…I was even colder, and I had to find a toilet. I was the only passenger so the driver kindly took me to his home and allowed me to use the facilities, kind of like a primitive sani-can. The rest of the drive to my hotel took about 45 minutes, with me huddled against the cab, wrapped in my trusty scarf/shawl (never leave home without it). We arrived. Except there was no hotel in sight. Soon several people gathered, my luggage was unloaded and we walked ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan August 12th 2018

BAGAN Although the bus to Bagan was a large coach with recliner type seats, I could not reach the foot rests and kept slipping off the seat. Thanks to the chilly air conditioner I shivered through most of the evening. I transferred to a small van when we reached Bagan. We passed a dozen lit pagodas in the next fifteen minutes. I arrived at my hotel after midnight. I was so happy to have a bed to stretch out on. I slept late, had a good breakfast and sat outside under an awning to use the computer and skype. A driver took me to a small settlement to find an ATM and buy some fruit and bread. On our way I saw tourists on bicycles, motor scooters and on foot. There were sprawling fenced hotels rubbing ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay August 11th 2018

MANDALAY One of the great things about being back at home in Washington State, between trips to “…those faraway places with strange sounding names…” is checking my memory from childhood, and often discovering my memories are completely faulty, or mixed up. I thought the phrase, “On the Way to Mandalay” was one of those “Road” musicals with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, like “The Road to Bali.” Instead it is the title of a poem by Rudyard Kipling, and is a reminiscence by a British soldier who served in Mandalay. Not so romantic now. Still…I was looking forward to seeing Mandalay because of the beauty of Burmese pagodas, and its history of royalty. I had been told that there wasn’t much of the colonial era left to see in the city, but I found plenty of ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 8th 2018

RANGOON IN THE RAIN I loved my hotel in Rangoon, The Great Feel Hotel. I shared my photos with Mo Mo (pronounced with long o’s – it means rain) the young lady at the desk. She introduced me to Ko To, her boyfriend. The door to my room on the third floor is carved wood. There is no elevator. I made seven or eight trips a day up and down those stairs. The room has a very attractive walnut bedroom set with a cute vanity and mirror. The bathroom is spacious and I loved to soak in the deep bathtub which I filled to the brim. It was such a luxury. I sent my clothes to the laundry and I took a teapot to my room after meals. I enjoyed pampering myself. When I asked about ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 7th 2018

RANGOON 2 I knew I wanted to go to an entertainment featuring Burmese dancers, and I wanted to ride the oldest train in Rangoon. I also needed to buy a fast charger for my cell phone and a SB port for my computer. I managed to do all these things in one day. As it turned out, the highlight of the day was visiting the electronic street in the city. People often ask me if I am ever frightened when I am out there in foreign lands on my own. I answer them by saying I am usually too busy trying to figure out what to do next to feel fear. However, on this trip I took a taxi to the Yangon Circular train. This one hundred fifty year old city train takes about three hours ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 4th 2018

MYANMAR Myanmar is the country that was still on my bucket list after being turned away in 2014 because I had failed to get a visa. I made sure I had the proper forms this time and I passed through immigration without a hitch. I didn’t have much in the way of expectations. I knew nothing about the country except that the names had all changed with a new government some years back. The old names were like magic to me…Burma, Rangoon and Mandalay. From the movies I thought of smoke filled drawing rooms, billiard tables, artistic exotically dressed dancers, porters and travel trunks. But there was also a long sea coast so I was excited about diving, too. I read that it was best to take a liveaboard because dive sites were far apart. Reality ... read more

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