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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 23rd 2020

It's been little over 4 months for me in mordern day Yangon and to my knowledge I found out that 35-40% of the total population of the city are either Indian or Indian Origin and living in Myanmar for a long time and had become a local people only but there root are still connected to some part of India. Most of the Indian's know our country's history and struggle and sacrifice by the different freedom fighter's to get the freedom of our country from the Rule of the British. One of the most significant freedom fighter was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and we all know his history and his contribution towards the Indian Freedom movement. It was from Rangoon in the year 1944 he gave the famous word's "Give me your blood and I shall ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Chaungtha December 25th 2019

It's been a little over 4months for me in the Golden Land Myanmar and I am liking the place here very much,though establishing communication for me with local people is a problematic as most people don't understand & speak English properly but still I find the people here very honest, helpful and simple. So after 4 months I finally decided to go around the country on my weekend's or holidays and explore it and which gives you relief and a feel of fresh breath from the daily corporate world. It was Christmas eve and on the same day I suddenly decided to travel and enjoy by Christmas outside Yangon and my choice of destination was Ngwe Saung or ChaungTha Beach both of them are within 250kms from the Yangon City and approx 6-6.30hrs travel time by ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Dawei July 1st 2019

With a bit a sad feeling we already have to leave Myanmar. It has been truly wonderful. Things have changed for Myanmar and especially for travellers over the past few years. It’s now very easy to visit, we arranged a 28 day visa online for Myanmar. We only left the country at the ultimate day, which was hardly enough. We feel we have only scratched the surface of this beautiful and welcoming country with the gorgeous and warm, fun, friendly and cheerful people. We really have only visited the highlights and we already know we have to come back one day. Entering Myanmar from Manipur, one of the Northeastern states of India, somehow felt like a relief, after having travelled for about half a year through countries like Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Not to say ... read more
Welcome to Myanmar, have some insects ... ;-)
Myanmar beer lover

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region March 17th 2019 I am spending 6-months in Myanmar working for an international company. The Yangon Airport is very noice and modern (I have seen much worse airports in Africa). On the road to the city centre, you see a lot of private compounds with big villas. Yet, as you arrived in Downtown, most of the buildings are in bad condition. The hotel where my company lodged me is owned by chinese, and I am the only guest who is not chinese. From my room, I have a nice view on Schwedagon Pagoda.... read more

Asia » Burma January 23rd 2019

On Tuesday, January 8th, Iver, Thereza and I arrived with the night bus from Hpa-An to Nyaung Shwe (Inle lake). It had been a very long bus trip (departure 7PM, arrival 9:30AM), but I had slept very well in the bus and I was quite rested - quite the opposite from Iver and Thereza who hadn’t slept well at all because they always get sick in buses and the road had been a bit shaky. After the exhausting last days and the long bus ride, we didn’t want to do anything that first day and it was raining anyway, so we stayed in the hostel, resting, doing laundry, working on pictures (Iver) and meeting new people like Bianca from São Paulo. In Hpa-An I had by chance come by a Vivo shop where I had seen ... read more

Asia » Burma January 23rd 2019

Dienstag, den 8. Januar, kamen Iver, Thereza und ich mit dem Nachtbus von Hpa-An in Nyaung Shwe (Inle lake) an. Es war eine sehr lange Busfahrt gewesen (Abfahrt 19h, Ankunft 9h30), aber ich habe ganz gut geschlafen und war daher relativ gut ausgeruht - ganz im Gegensatz zu Iver und Thereza die sehr schlecht geschlafen hatten da die Straße sehr schlecht war und sie beide im Bus immer krank werden. Nach den erlebnisreichen letzten Tagen/Wochen und der langen Busfahrt wollten wir alle an diesem ersten Tag nur chillen und nichts tun und das Wetter kam uns da ganz entgegen : es regnete den ganzen Tag in Strömen. Also blieben wir im Hostel, haben Wäsche gewaschen, am PC gearbeitet, Bilder sortiert und neue Leute kennengelernt, wie Bianca aus São Paulo. In Hpa-An war ich zufällig an einem ... read more

Asia » Burma January 7th 2019

Mittwoch den 3. Januar habe ich einen frühen Flug von Bangkok nach Yangon genommen, wo ich um 8h früh ankam. Jeder hat mir so viel Gutes über Myanmar erzählt und ich war sehr neugierig dieses Land endlich selbst zu entdecken. Am Flughafen war es natürlich mal wieder das gleiche Gedränge mit den Taxifahrern wie immer, aber was kann man anderes erwarten? Zum Glück gibt es in Yangon Grab (eine App wie Uber) und so bin ich stressfrei und günstig zu meinem Hostel in Yangon gekommen, dem Lodge Yangon Hostel. Sofort als ich mit dem Taxi ankam traf ich Iver aus Norwegen dessen Taxi ihn am falschen Ort rausgelassen hatte und der dann eine halbe Stunde zu Fuß durch die Gegend gelaufen war um das Hostel zu finden weil sein Navi nicht richtig ging... Das Personal im ... read more

Asia » Burma January 7th 2019

On Wednesday, January 3rd, I took a very early flight from Bangkok to Yangon and I arrived at 8AM in Myanmar. Everybody has been telling me so much good about this country that I was very curious to discover it for myself. At the airport of course same hassle with taxi drivers as always but what else can you expect? Fortunately they have Grab in Yangon (an app like Uber) and so I got one of those for a good price to my hostel, the Lodge Yangon Hostel. When I arrived there, I met Iver from Norway who had been wandering around for some time because his taxi had let him out in a different street and his GPS wasn't working properly... The staff in the hostel was very nice and welcoming but unfortunately their English ... read more

Asia » Burma December 20th 2018

Myanmar Flew to Yangon in Myanmar then on to Heho and the first thing that struck us was that the time difference was 30mins! Thought everywhere was whole hours from GMT! First morning in Nyaung Shwe and off on a couple of rickety old bikes to check out the various monasteries, temples and vineyard in the locale. Our first stop was the Ywa Thit monastery ( couldn’t find it on google maps but was on which had the regular gold laden temple in slight disrepair. But behind it was a teak built building which turned out to be the monastery itself. As we were looking around a monk came out and invited us in. He took us upstairs, offered us 3 oranges & started chatting with us. His name is U Kon Da La and ... read more
Dancing competition and festival Nyaungshwe village.
Ywa Thit Monastery
Yea Thit Monastery

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay December 20th 2018

Today has been a much more successful sightseeing day than yesterday. Whilst overcast it did not rain and we were able to get out and about without getting drenched. We initially got a ‘grab’ tuk tuk to Mandalay Hill, the furthest point from our hotel that we wished to see today. Here we passed between the 2 huge lions that guard the entrance to the top. Shoes off we started the 45 minute ascent. The walk is interesting as there are a number of small pagodas to see along the way. My personal favourite was a pink one. There’s also one with a large standing Buddha, pointing towards the city, foretelling that Mandalay would become the capital of Myanmar. Stephen enjoyed the ordination hall - a concrete building that’s quite literally falling down and is a ... read more
Way up Mandalay Hill
Way up Mandalay Hill
Way up Mandalay Hill

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