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October 29th 2017
Published: October 29th 2017
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Market fish stallsMarket fish stallsMarket fish stalls

There were also stalls of chicken, fruit, vegetables, oil, bags of fried tofu, dried and pickled goods.
Nyaung Shwe town
Today is my first day off I should have had more days like this. I woke around 7 and was up and around the town by 7:30 visiting the market to buy a couple of t-shirts and a pair of velvet flip-flops. I also found a length on fabric which is Thai or Indonesian batik cotton to replace the sarong which is my last one from 30 years ago. I returned to the hotel to have breakfast and as it was 8:15, almost everything was finished but they made sausage, bacon and bread and then I was surprised to be given pancakes honey and fruit. Tomorrow I will remember not to have breakfast just the pancakes with fruit and honey.
A couple of hours later I returned to town thinking I would just walk around for an hour but in fact it was more than two. First of all I saw the children coming out of Sunday school. They attend regular school Monday to Friday and on Sunday mornings they can go to the monasteries to study Buddhism. It was fascinating to see the parents collecting the children and others going home on buses or bikes or walking.
Fancy topsFancy topsFancy tops

I think they are secondhand because no two are alike.
The uniform is a brown longii whereas regular school is a green longii. Many of the children and their parents allowed me to take photos even two teachers but happy to be snapped.
Several people spoke to me along the street asking “where you come from?”, “where you going?”. I was looking for trousers to replace the ones which have torn. Sadly I am so big that I could not find any to fit. One go in the market me around to have friends to see if they have anything unfortunately not. I was at the stage of giving up when I found some elephant pants which will be fine for the beach. I tried them on, hey, they fit!
I went into the supermarket and spent quite some time finding pencils, sharpener and some cookies to take to the school in Ngapali. I returned via the back street. The market was still alive but it was more interesting watching a boat load of tomatoes unloaded on to a truck. 2 guys at a time passed a pole between the handles of huge baskets full of tomatoes and heaved them up the steps then up higher to the truck driver on the back of the truck. At 2 I'd made an appointment for a 90 minute traditional massage. The girl kneaded me with her hands and feet and stretched most parts of me. I walked out of there feeling light and flexible.

Before dark I went out again taking photos in the back streets. Near the hotel on a canal, a family group sat fishing on one side and a lone guy stood trying to catch them on the opposite bank. Across the canal was a wooden bridge covered and busy with people crossing on foot, bikes and motorbikes.

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Teachers and pupilsTeachers and pupils
Teachers and pupils

at the Monastery school held Sundays to teach children Buddhism

unloaded from the boat to truck

family fishing and a neighbour with his baby

over the canal

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