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March 21st 2014
Published: March 21st 2014
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I was rereading the blog last night to remind myself about what stood out at the time that I was writing .The hotel , the fishermen and their families ,the meals , and the beach itself were truly memorable . It is hard to narrow down the photos ( as it has been all along ) but I think these might capture that time .

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Sunset Sunset

Our cove . All the boats are out . It was a Sunday night and it had really been busy on the beach
The catchThe catch
The catch

Not sure but I believe these are tuna , barracuda and possibly some sea bass.
Heavy Heavy

From the boat to the trucks . They were interesting vehicles too. At least one got stuck each morning and everyone in the immediate area would run to push it out.

Someone always stayed behind to clean the boat while the others waited on the beach for...

The mist/haze and the men carrying really were really peaceful ... a hard life but something about did catch my imagination.

The woman at the beach restaurant fed us well . Often bringing us extras to round out the meal .
Sunset ,Day2Sunset ,Day2
Sunset ,Day2

From our terrace ...awesome
The KitchenThe Kitchen
The Kitchen

A small restaurant about a 15 minute walk from the hotel . Good food ,good vibe .
Sorting to drySorting to dry
Sorting to dry

The women laid the little fish on these tarps to dry in the sun . Around 3 they would be able to collect them to be bagged for shipping mostly to Bangledesh

SOme of the women were there to shop. Possibly for resale or for restaurants or home use.
Paying Paying

The woman in the middle kept track of it all .

Not sure where the trucks went after they left the beach
Day 3 SunsetDay 3 Sunset
Day 3 Sunset

The roof line on the left is the guard house on the corner of the property.
200 boats200 boats
200 boats

I hope you can click on this one . When we got back after supper we could see the line of light on the horizon . Our barman told us that there were @ 200 boats out that night . 40 from our cove and the rest from the 2 coves that were further south .

It was really cool in the morning . We needed our jacket when we went out . Beautiful beach isn't it .

Cooperation was the key . Sometimes they laid palm fronds on the sand to help with the drive but it didn't always work.
Late afternoonLate afternoon
Late afternoon

Fish are dried . The hotel is on the right .

21st March 2014

That looks SO tasty!
22nd March 2014

Memories! Lucky lady! Lots to keep you out of the bar sorting out all these pics. Tks for sharing. love.
25th March 2014
200 boats

Lovely light
I can see why you chose 200 boats as a feature photo. The darkness looks touchable.

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