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April 21st 2013
Published: April 21st 2013
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Red sky at night ..Red sky at night ..Red sky at night ..

tornado in Burma ?
The new place was great as well , I never enjoyed the last place due to losing all of my body fluids but now I was 80% recovered and ready to enjoy this amazing part of the country.

The beaches were amazing , just so quiet and clean , there is a polluiton problem in Asia but in Burma there is no industry to pollute the the country , the bay of Bengal is vast and nothing influences it pollution wise .

Again this was a quiet hotel with the guests being mainly Burmese but a few foreigners were there to be seen which sort of dissapointed me a little, I enjoyed being the novelty up till now .

The hotel restaurant was basic but the food was good , better than the last place I gather because I never actually nearly died here due to food poisoning !But in the restaurant the staff sleep on the floor and I felt kind of rude going in there to get some food and making them get up ! One guy always insisted on sitting behind me chewing that awful Betel chewing tobaco stuff and spiting a 12 inch long

Well ok , a mini twister but was impressive to watch
laser of spit across the open sided restaurant onto the floor outside where most people walk barefooted or sometimes trying to spit it through a hole in the wooden floor , there was green saliva everywhere , and I never complained untill one night he insisted on coughing his guts up with every ejection of his vile green vomit resembling saliva, so I just turned to him and said " how the f*** am I meant to eat with you doing that ? " I was so angry and the look of suprise on his face ! It is obvioulsy accepted there ,but god if they want to run a hotel surely they must respect us non burmese customers to a certain extent ?But the Burmese are probably the most friendliest people I have met on this earth , and that it is still my opinion to this day as I sit here in Argentina writing this but maybe the Fijians come a close second though .

Not a lot to do here and that was ok , I needed a few days doing nothing after all the travelling the last few months and the beach was amazing .
Room with a view Room with a view Room with a view

Life cant get better , can it ?
I decided to walk to a little Island i saw which was possible to reach only at low tide but the turn around of the tide was pretty quick so I needed to get there , look around and get off before the tide turned otherwise Id have to spend the night on this little Island abotu 1kn in diameter, but it worked out fine and was an amazing place to go discovering , ok I was not the first to go there but certainly one of very few .

Apart from a tornado or twister ? not a lot happend here and soon it was time to go back to Yangon for a few days before heading East to Sydney via BKK .God Sydney , its going to be weird to go back to " civilisation " or better to say back to a culture similar to mine in the uK but I was so looking forward to it , but in a different was then how I looked forward to travelling in Asia .

Bus ride back to Yangon was just as much fun as the first bus ride and getting back to the Capital was

View from mini island looking back to beach ,felt like a safe Robinson Crusoe here
like going back home , so was the hospitality from Aunty S.

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Red bullRed bull
Red bull

Tastes the same , Burmese version. I drank loads of this getting my body fluids sorted after the previous week.
Living in the edgeLiving in the edge
Living in the edge

Cliff edge on that mini island, I do like my islands.. am I weird ?
Never failed to impress me Never failed to impress me
Never failed to impress me

All these Asian sunsets , loved them to bits.Burmese ones were special

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