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Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U November 12th 2017

In a little text box in the Bagan chapter of the new edition of the Book, it proudly proclaimed: “A new overland service connects Bagan with Mrauk U…” This was enough to hook me when I was planning this trip. Otherwise, getting between Myanmar’s two most famous archaeological sites involves two planes and a boat, none of which connect, which means a minimum of three days’ travelling. It’s only 479 km, but, as I had quickly learned on arriving here, the number of kilometres has no bearing on the time involved. Historically, the bus option necessitated backtracking almost to Mandalay, I believe, which, on the basis of the last 24 hours’ experience would be, err, suboptimal. And so, my first afternoon in Nyaung U, the transport hub for the Bagan area, I tootled off to talk ... read more
not exactly a bus station
river crossing
the shrine at the Kyaukpadraung café

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U January 26th 2015

Wie schon vermutet war die Internetverbindung im westlichen Myanmar so langsam, dass ich es schnell aufgegeben habe, noch einen Blogeintrag zu verschicken. Inzwischen sind wir wohlbehalten wieder zu Hause eingetroffen. Aber die letzte Woche Abenteuer möchte ich euch nicht vorenthalten. Tag 15: Flug Yangon - Sittwe, halbe Stunde Verspätung, sitzen mal wieder im unterkühlten Domestic Terminal und sitzen und sitzen. Angeblich wegen verspätetem Abflug am vorangegangenen Ort, wahrscheinlich Heho. Das heißt unsere Ankunft in Sittwe wird sich verspäten und bei einer zu erwartenden Dauer der anschließenden Bootsfahrt werden wir erst im Dunkeln, Stockdunkeln, in Mrauk U ankommen. Auch mal spannend. Sittwe Hafen: Was für abgewrackte Pötte da rumlagen. Auf einen steuerten wir dann auch zu. War aber nicht unser Boot, sondern wir mussten nur über eine schmale Planke drauf und drüb... read more
Fortunately not our boat, but a Public Ferry anyway
Kothaung temple Mrauk Oo
Child wearing Thanaka

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U March 30th 2014

Having a 4 day holiday in Ngapli Beach was a good idea . We were ready to move on and it did take a bit of effort to get to Mrauk . We flew to Sittwe , the capital city of the area , had to overnight in a dingy hotel then take a 7 am ferry . The boat trip ,on a no frills government ferry took only 5 hours because the current was with us that day . It was actually only a 40 mile trip!!! Travel in Myanmar is SLOW by road and by water ... not expensive but really slow . I do not regret choosing to fly 5 times while we were there. Sittwe was unlike any other place we were in Myanmar . There is a lot of tension there ... read more
Coffee Bar
Another Temple

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U November 22nd 2011

They all can be found in Myanmar! Myanmar that beautiful land, the country that has been on my mind for a long time. I have finally made it here and it is like stepping back in time. Some say Myanmar is like S.E. Asia used to be 75 years ago, I don't know about that, but certainly I would say it harkens back to how it was 30 or 40 years ago in this region. So does it live up to my expectations? Yep, it certainly does! I loved it on arrival, it somehow reminds me of my youth in Thailand. Even though I think already at the beginning of the eighties Thailand was more advanced then Myanmar is now. Still it approximates it quite well. Strange how I found what I was looking for in ... read more

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U July 26th 2011

Mrauk U is an ancient city similar to Myanmar’s most popular attraction, Bagan. The former capital of the powerful Arakanese Kingdom was once compared in wealth to the cities of London and Amsterdam. The area is scattered with hundreds of temples and pagodas, but the real beauty of Mrauk U versus Bagan is that there is still active village life surrounding the temples. We met a farmer who proudly announced that we were walking through his garden. Our initial thoughts were, “wow your garden has an amazing ancient temple!” Since Mrauk U is fairly remote and a bit challenging to go there, not many tourists take the time and effort to visit. Even more challenging were the monsoon rains which meant we had to be very flexible with dates of travel. We initially flew in to ... read more
sunday market
helping hand
kothaung temple

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Mrauk U December 16th 2010

The cloudy flight from Thandwe afforded slight glimpses of the terrain below. A long quilted patchwork of brown-mottled fields of dry crops spread out across the vast plain beneath. Long, brown swirls of river snaked between the tortoise-shell-like landscape as the little twin-prop banked hard then landed at Sittwe. I was only one of a couple of foreigners to disembark and fought off the army of touts, vying for the small amount of business, to secure a taxi with another traveller, a German lady, to my hotel. The rain poured down on Sittwe as it had done in Ngapali with only short breaks between the showers. Sittwe is the main town of the Rakhaing province in western Myanmar, close to the border with Bangladesh. As a result of this the people here are visibly different to ... read more
Kotaung Stupas
Local Children Posing
Horse Cart and Kotaung

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