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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay November 9th 2015

I can't remember the trip up from Inle Lake at all! All I know is that I arrived safe and sound to my home for the next four nights - Yoe Yoe Lay Homestay - 11 USD a night getting me into a 6-bed dorm room. It was one of those hostels that works solely on the awesomeness of the people working there! The place itself is nothing special and definitely in need of a face lift or two, but I was made to feel welcome the moment I stepped through the door and I wouldn't hesitate to go back there again should I decide to revisit Mandalay. Mandalay isn't a particularly pedestrian-friendly city (yet) so we decided that the best way to explore was via taxi. We bargained with a local taxi driver to take ... read more
Mandalay Lunch
Royal Palace
World's Largest Book

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay October 30th 2015

Just how does a writer condense the highlights of not one but two spots in Myanmar into one blog entry? Well, he could start by telling folks that he visited Mandalay in a period of non-stop rain, despite which, the sights and sounds were roundly appreciated. He should also throw in for good measure the fact that the hotel he stayed at, Triumph hotel, is a highly commendable property which perhaps only suffers slightly from a less-than-central location. He then needs to mention that the main shopping areas in Mandalay are in relatively close proximity to one another, and make readers aware that what looks like a shopping mall will more than likely be an indoor market, but still well worth a visit. It is also important that he outlines the fact that the Moustache Brothers ... read more
The beauty of Mahamuni Paya (Mandalay; Myanmar)
Arriving at Pearl Island (Ngapali beach; Myanmar)
A cheery wave from buddha (Ngapali beach; Myanmar)

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay October 16th 2015

Today we leave Myanmar and head to Phuket Thailand. Before we go to the airport though we make a stop at a jade market which we thought was just jewellery. Well it was a total opposite and found out most jade is mined and traded in Myanmar and specifically Mandalay. When we got there we litter seen thousands of people with all sizes, shapes and colours of jade trying to sell it. The main buyers were the Chinese but we believe our friend we met from LA was also there searching out a great buy. FRO there we got our stamp of approval out of Myanmar and on our flight to Phuket with a quick stop in Bangkok. When we got to Phuket it was hot and when we got to our hotel well we were ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay July 11th 2015

So we arrived safely at the airport in Mandalay. We took a taxi to our hotel which is very nice, it's called Mandalay City hotel. On our first day here we visited the royal palace and the Mandalay hill. A few tips :) as a foreigner your can only enter the royal palace at the east entrance. And if you want to see a wonderful view over Mandalay the hill behind the royal palace is perfect for that. But take my advice don't walk there because it's just to hot to do that. It would take you around 45 minutes which doesn't sound too bad, but it is trust me on that :) tried it and failed :) So in the afternoon we went to Mingun a smaller city/ village which is in the north of ... read more
the Mingun Bell
infront of the Mingun Pagode

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay June 6th 2015

My third stop was Mandalay. It's only a short ride from Bagan, easily done by shuttle bus during the day. I met some new friends at my hostel, headed to lunch, and then a few of us went in search of a place that makes gold leaf. According to my friend's guide book, they show you how it's done and explain the whole process. And I'm sure they would have; we went on a holiday and no one was making anything. The lone man in the shop explained it all to us and we left with a pretty good idea what it might have looked like. After a quick rest detour to the mall (for air conditioning and an atm) another friend and I hired a taxi to Mandalay Hill. We could have walked it, but ... read more
How to make gold leaf
Around Mandalay
Around Mandalay

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay March 28th 2015

"So we can't send anything today?" "No, we only open half day." "Yes, and you are open now?" "Yes. We open." "But we can't send anything?" "No. Come back Monday. We open Monday." "Yes, you are open Monday. But you are also open now. And we cant send anything now." "Yes, today we open. Come back Monday. We open Monday." We were at the DHL office in Mandalay trying to mail our medical licensing information back to Illinois for our residency. Katie was growing a bit frustrated. The tiny elderly Burmese grandmother behind the counter didn't quite understand our exacerbation with the situation. How couldn't we understand that while they were open at the moment, they weren't able to ship anything (the primary function of DHL). But Monday they were open, and they work on Monday. ... read more
View from U Bein bridge
Bagaya Kyaung

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay March 11th 2015

Tired. Arriving at our hostel (around 4am) following an 8hr overnight bus from Nyangshwe (Inle Lake), we slept more comfortably on the reception chairs for a few hours until our room was ready. By 'more comfortably' we mean some sleep, interrupted every so often after sliding off the chair and then trying to reposition ourselves to avoid cramp. So not much sleep but more than we had on the night bus. The main thing for tourists to do whilst in Mandalay is to go on a day tour around the surrounding areas/villages via motorbike or taxi. This includes visiting Sagaing, Inwa and Amarapura. The city itself doesn't really hold much regarding sightseeing apart from the hill top monastery with great views. After a quick clean-up we opted for the friendly taxi guy 'U Chit' who seemed ... read more
Buddhas in Sagaing
Ruins in the background in Inwa
Ruins in Inwa

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay February 16th 2015

Mandalay während 2 Tagen erkundete ich Mandalay und Umgebung. Tag 1 National Palace Mandalay Hill Tag 2 am zweiten Tag stand eine Motorbike-Tour in die Orte in und rund um Mandalay am Programm Mandalay Maharmuni Pagoda Marbel Carving Workshops (auf deutsch: Marmorschnitzerei) U-Bein-Bridge - die älteste und längste Brücke aus Teak-Holz der Welt (1,2km) Amarapura Mahagandaryon Monastery, wo man dem Mittags-Zeremoniell der Mönche beiwohnen kann Sagaing Hill Soon U Ponnya Shin Pagoda Inwa Maha Aung Myae Bone Zan Watch-Tower Bagaya Monastery (hölzernes Kloster) Video of the Motorbike-ride ... read more
Royal Palace
"Can crush all enemies"
"Can crush all enemies"

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay February 14th 2015

Last day in Burma -- I don't want to leave as it is so peaceful here. Spent the morning on the Irewaddy river arriving upriver in Mingun Village. It is Valentine's Day and also, Saturday with lots of teenagers on a date. They enjoy cruising as they ride around on their motorbike or walk along the main drag (ok, path) through the village. The tradition seems to be that the young couples dress in matching outfits. This is another historic village where a King built the largest ringing bell, the largest Lions to guard the gates of the largest Pagoda and overlooking the largest lake. The trouble is that only the world's largest ringing bell made it. The lions are mostly destroyed from an earthquake. The pagoda is half built and unstable from earthquakes and no ... read more
River cruise to Mingun
Irrewady river

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay February 13th 2015

Another early a.m. flight as we left Bagan and now in Mandalay. Mandalay airport is the largest in Burma and the only one that has long enough runways for internatitonal flights. It was just a 25 minute flight from Bagan. Translation of "Mandalay" is "pleasant plain". 1 M population but 6 M in the region. Bus ride took us through another village visit -- love seeing the villagers starting their work day. Stopped for conversation with 3 women who were gathering chick peas to dry and for harvest. Each chick pea is encased in an outer shell and grows in a small 1 ft. tall bushy plant. Burma's population is 70 % rural with 70% of those people farmers. Visited temples again (another name for OAT is "Oh, Another Temple"). Virtually all parents dream of their ... read more
School children
Mahamuni Buddha

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