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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kyaukme February 8th 2015

Day 1 - Kyaukme Took a tuktuk with a couple of Dutch guys and the local guide's (NeiNei's) nephew. We walked into the surrounding hill villages in this Shan province. Stayed in a local village. Day 2 - Kyaukme Walked back to Kyaukme town and caught bus to Hsipaw. Day 3-4 Hsipaw Was a bit under the weather so spent most of the time relaxing or solo exploring the town. Took a night bus to Inle Lake.... read more
Myanmar - 3 Kaukme Hsipaw-2
Myanmar - 3 Kaukme Hsipaw-3
Myanmar - 3 Kaukme Hsipaw-4

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kyaukme October 23rd 2012

Kyaukme (pronounced Chow May) is located several hours north of Mandaly. We took an overnight bus from Yangon that took approximately 12 hours—arriving at the bus station at approximately 5am. Despite the early morning hours, we were whisked from the ‘bus station’ to the guest house on a tuk tuk, and given a place to sleep for several hours until our room was ready. Having slept off the grogginess of our overnight bus, we decided to rent a motor bike to cruise around the hills of our small town. Apparently, this is how renting a motor bike works: The guys hanging around the guest house make some calls, and find a friend who is not using their bike for the day. He brings the bike over, and another guy brings over two helmets. We ... read more
Phil and Yumi
Lonely Tree
Sunset in the village

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kyaukme December 2nd 2011

Painting seller: "Where do you come from?" Me: "Holland." Painting seller: "Oh, that is a beautiful country. You are very good at football? Do you know Robben?" Me: "Yes, football, and yes I know Robben." Painting seller: "Is this your first time in Myanmar?" Me: "Yes." Painting seller: "Do you like it?" Me: "Yes, it is a lovely country." Painting seller starts unfurling his rolled up paintings and getting to the point: "Do you want to see my paintings?" Me: "No, thank you." Painting seller: "Just look at them, you don't have to buy them." Me: "No, I am really not interested, sorry." Painting seller: "Maybe later?" Me: "No, also not later?" Painting seller: "Maybe tomorrow?" Me: "No, never." Painting seller: "Ok, maybe tomo... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kyaukme February 21st 2011

The 4 of us caught the 10am bus to Kyaukme which had all the seats removed towards the back so it could carry cargo(large drums of oil, sacks of rice,etc). We reached the town an hour and a half later and quickly found accommodation, and then Aitan and myself went down to the train station to take some photos when the train came through. After this we just walked around the outskirts of town saying hi to the friendly locals. Kyaukme seems to be larger and more prosperous than the other towns in the area with a few nice looking large old buildings near the centre of town. That night we all went out to dinner together seeing that the other 3 were leaving the next day while I was going to do a day tour ... read more
Mother and daughter in village near Kyaukme
Barber in Kyaukme

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