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October 11th 2017
Published: November 3rd 2017
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Off for another day on Inle LakeOff for another day on Inle LakeOff for another day on Inle Lake

Took a bit to get our boat into position but all set for the day and off we went.
Picked up by T2 and walked to our long boat for a trip to the other side of Inle Lake which is 116 sq mt surface area, overcast but warm and pleasant, very busy with goods being bought in by long boat and it took our boat boys a bit of work to get our long boat in place that we could get into it.

We stopped at a Silver Smith & Showroom, they use the hammer method to work the silver and the work was intricate and beautiful all done by hand, the silver is bought to the lake from the local mines in the surrounding hills, could not help myself and bought a traditional Shan necklace and earrings for $75 US 98% silver.

We visited the Pow Village opened recently to Foreigners, with Stupas a Holy area and a 17 century ensurgent area until after the war. 1948 -2001, built by the community.

We saw the Holy umbrella which is representative of the Shan State and the use of key stone architecture. 1054 Stupas in the Indien Village then off in the boat to the Nagundi Monestery, known as the
Making Rice CakesMaking Rice CakesMaking Rice Cakes

The little boy was keen to do a rice cake for us but his sister was not impressed. The mixture is put into the hot sand and turned until ready. Thought they were really cute! This was in the Indien Village.
Jumping cats Monastry, which had very relaxed Burmese cats. that were not doing anything but sleeping due to animal rights becoming involved after a video went viral on UTube. The Nuns used to play with the cats and found they could jump so taught them tricks for fun and it took off with the visitors demanding to see the cats jumping which was not what they had meant to happen. The Nuns use the Monastery for meditation three times a day and if they happen to be playing with the cats then you still may see the Cats Jumping.

We stopped for a lovely lunch at one of the restaurants on the water then a work shop where the long neck people do weaving to earn a living. We then visited the Ywama's market which rotates in a 5 day cycle and this was held on the grounds of a pagoda complex. The village is home to a monastery and a stupa, weaving, metal smithing, wood carving and umbrella workshops.

The floating gardens are many and huge areas where farmers plant crops of tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, strawberry's, you name it it looked like they
1054 Stupas1054 Stupas1054 Stupas

All in gold leaf and pretty impressive.
could grow anything, on floating mats of vegetation anchored in place with bamboo poles. The biggest hydroponic area I have ever seen and all looking very healthy.

We will be back to this area it is incredible and so diverse and beautiful, the fishing method and the way they move their boats with their feet while usually trying to find a fishing area is only done this way in Inle Lake.

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Long NeckLong Neck
Long Neck

The rings are never removed and were put on the necks of the woman to protect them from tigers who go for the neck area. To sleep they can loosen the bottom two rings to enable them to lie down.
Hydroponic GardensHydroponic Gardens
Hydroponic Gardens

Just incredible these gardens which covered a huge area and were growing snow peas, tomatoes, pumpkin, marrow and lots more which provides for a lot of Myanmar's markets.
Nga Hpe Kyaung (Jumping Cat Monastery)Nga Hpe Kyaung (Jumping Cat Monastery)
Nga Hpe Kyaung (Jumping Cat Monastery)

Not too many cats jumping but a huge Monastery still used for meditation up to three times a day by the local nuns.
Lunch time Meditation completedLunch time Meditation completed
Lunch time Meditation completed

There were a lot of the nuns leaving the Jumping Cat Monestary as we arrived. They would have completed their 2nd meditation stint for the day.
Inle Service StationInle Service Station
Inle Service Station

Could see this from the roof top of the Hote and the bikes turn up the guy walks out with a lt of fuel and a funnel and off the bikes go!
Jumping Cats!Jumping Cats!
Jumping Cats!

They were pretty relaxed and jumping was not on their agenda at the Monastry.
Rowing by foot Rowing by foot
Rowing by foot

This photo of the Fisherman and the Inle lake is the only area where the boats are rowed by foot, really pleased to get this shot.
Hand made Necklace & EarringsHand made Necklace & Earrings
Hand made Necklace & Earrings

Watched how they made the chains and knots so intricate and beautiful, I was pretty rapped to buy these and think $78 USD, 98% silver is worth it.
The work in progressThe work in progress
The work in progress

Fascinating to watch the work being done and would love to come back one day!

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