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September 3rd 2016
Published: September 28th 2016
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And so our journey through the furnace of Myanmar continued, we flew from the delightfully named Heho and touched down in the less easy to say Nyaung U airport. The reason for arriving at this odd sounding place was it was the local airport for the famed archeological area of Bagan (the Angkor Wat of Myanmar or so they say). One tip to remember if you ever find yourself arriving in Nyaung U is the... Read Full Entry

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Swimming with the batsSwimming with the bats
Swimming with the bats

As the sun set over the Irrawaddy river, the bats would come and drink from the pool, it was quite an experience as they dived in.
Mandalay HillMandalay Hill
Mandalay Hill

240 m of hill scattered with numberous temples (and temple cats and dogs) and pagodas, well it is Myanmar after all.
The water looks so inviting when you are so hot...The water looks so inviting when you are so hot...
The water looks so inviting when you are so hot...

The huge moat around Mandalay Palace, only 2km long, I think they are missing rowing boat hire opportunity here.
The palace Watch towerThe palace Watch tower
The palace Watch tower

Where the Royal family could gaze over their subjects. One of the few parts of the Palace which didn't get destroyed in WW2 by Allied bombing.
View from the WatchtowerView from the Watchtower
View from the Watchtower

Most of this is modern, reconstruction only started on 1989. As the palace is surrounded by an army camp, I was very careful not to take photos of the soldiers.
My own private palaceMy own private palace
My own private palace

The place was pretty empty, apart from one other group who kept waving at me everytime they saw me, probably shocked at what the humidity can do to hair.
And back to the templesAnd back to the temples
And back to the temples

At the foot of Mandalay Hill are many temples and pagodas, the Kyauk Taw Gyi Phaya is a fine example.
Not forgetting the Sandamuni PayaNot forgetting the Sandamuni Paya
Not forgetting the Sandamuni Paya

Home to the largest iron Buddha in Myanmar and 1774 white shrines containing a marble slab with Buddha's teachings on them, who thinks of these things?
Not quite a page turnerNot quite a page turner
Not quite a page turner

The Kuthodaw Pagoda contains the world's largest book, but not really a book as we know it. Each white thing (kyauksa gu - stone inscription caves) contains a slab with text on, this is a book apparently, not convinced myself.
Teaky timeTeaky time
Teaky time

The Shwe In Bin Kyaung Monastery, built by the Chinese in 1895, a very pretty building indeed.
Take a run upTake a run up
Take a run up

Those steps were burning hot, you had to take a good run at them to get up the stairs without blisters.
Inside the monasteryInside the monastery
Inside the monastery

you couldn't creep around, it was lovely and creeky as you walked.
Leave your shoes at the doorLeave your shoes at the door
Leave your shoes at the door

Heading up a saungdan (covered stairway) on Mandalay hill, it takes about an hour and you are not wearing any shoes..
Burmese scriptBurmese script
Burmese script

Clearly I've no idea what it is saying, but the writing is very pretty to look at
Looking over MandalayLooking over Mandalay
Looking over Mandalay

Yeah, it was worth the foot pain after all, an amazing view over the city and Irrawaddy river.

29th September 2016

Memories ...
Thank you for the trip down memory lane. We (husband, daughter and myself) were there this time last year and loved our time there. The Burmese people were so friendly and welcoming. Thankfully, we didn't have 40 deg heat but, still hot and humid enough in the 30's so, sightseeing in the morning and later afternoon, was the go. Loved our week's cruise by riverboat along the Irrawaddy. Didn't quite manage to visit every one of the 1300 or so pagodas/stupas in Bagan even though, at times, it did feel like it in the heat and humidity. :) Like you, we too missed out on the balloon ride, as a wind-storm came through overnight so, all the balloons were grounded next morning. Did climb the pagoda though (with the hundreds of others) for the sunset experience. :) Jan
29th September 2016
Ain't it pretty!

Magical Myanmar
We love our time there so thanks for the memories. So many temples, so little time.

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