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December 9th 2011
Published: December 16th 2011
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No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence – that which makes its truth, its meaning – its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live as we dream – alone. - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness I sat alone at the top of the red brick temple, looking out over a land that was not my home, and I dreamed about peace... Read Full Entry

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16th December 2011

Travis....YOUR comments are BEAUTIFUL.....I hope you are able to put ALL YOUR TRAVELS into a book....You have a "calling" as a writer.....YOU make it ALL soooooo beautiful......stay safe.....granny faye
16th December 2011

You're the best, grandma! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I'm glad you enjoy my stories.
19th December 2011
Sunset Day One

Spectacular picture!
15th January 2012

You inspired a forum topic. :)
19th January 2012

Hi !! please do share the hotel/stay/food/tour operator details of this trip….we r planning as well, and this will help us ! Any safety tips? tarvel tips? Who took you around? What else is interesting there? Thanks in advance ! Anu
20th January 2012

Bagan Travel Info
This Myanmar trip was entirely independent travel, so I'm afraid I can't mention any tour operators. But I would actually strongly recommend against using a package tour company in Myanmar. Most, if not all, of these operators are government owned, which means all that money goes into government hands instead of local hands. And it really isn't that hard to travel independently in Myanmar. In Bagan, I stayed in the town of Nyaung U. This is where you'll find the majority of the budget accommodation. You can hire horsecart drivers, book bus tickets, or plan any other tourist activity through your guesthouse/hotel. In my other Myanmar blog, "Circles in the Wild", I discuss many important preparation considerations. In the comments section I also roughly outline prices to expect while traveling in Myanmar. I'd recommend you read that entry if you're looking for more general travel information.
30th November 2017
Sunset Day One

Sunset photo.
That is an absolutely stunning photo. Congratulations.

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