Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei Day Trip

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29th December 2009

Nice Read
Thanks for the well-written article. My friends and I are going for two days soon. Thanks again for all the advice!
6th May 2010

A couple of questions
I have a 12 hours wait flight in Bandar. I am a woman traveling alone. Is it dangerous in Bandar for me to visit it alone or should I better take an organised trip? Is it expensive to take a taxi there? The tours that were offered to me cost around 100 euros for 6 hours. I find it realy expensive. Maybe for that money I can have a taxi for myself the whole day... I would be very grateful if you could give me a piece of advise.
7th May 2010

You should have no problem by yourself, Brunei was a safe country. As for the tour, with 12 hours, I think you have ample time to hire a taxi to take you around the places and stay with you for the duration. Like you said, it will be cheaper than an organised tour. The main sights in BSB are as described in my blog, but if you had a few extra hours, then a boat trip would be a good choice. Hope this helps.

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