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January 6th 2009
Published: January 18th 2009
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David writes,
Well we are at an end to our Brunei portion. This was more of a holiday away from the holiday. It may sound strange but after travelling for more than 6 months now in each others pockets and each day rising and shining, touring and scouring countries, sites and get TIRED! Real tired, it is a sort of tired you feel after many nights out on the town (even without alcohol) and little sleep in between each night. We were also able to catch up with Lynne's Mummy, her brother and his stunning wife also a lot of ex-pat's who have made a life for them selves here in this rich country. It was a time well spent we saw another side of the life on the planet. A pace set by the equator is generally slow, we have found. Here nothing happens fast and when it does it nobody says anything in case the doer is a member, friend or relative of someone official.....Hmm mm! so it is a place where there is not a lot to do and see but it has great internal wealth and very little crime so it is a very tidy and
The caves...The caves...The caves...

You have to go and see them!
comfortable place to live. What to do in Brunei.... well you can see the nodding donkeys, that refers to the oil drilling machines/pumps, that to me was funny because they are sort of randomly placed. There is one next to a house and one near a sport field and of course many more. So many in fact that the land in some areas has subsided by 1m and they are having to replace the land. We drove past a theme park but has been let go and is looking worse for wear and although we drove past it many times i never saw more than 4 people in it. The love for horses is apparent polo clubs and stables (air conditioned mind you) are abundant. You can visit or stay in the plush Empire hotel (there are many others to choose from around town), it is worth a visit just to see! and for a small fee you can use the pool too. We went for a river boat ride, 30mins for $20BND, I enjoyed this it good to see that there is shall we say.....less rich side to the country also. The water Teksi (Taxi) here are something else, small, fast and there is one design they have dubbed the flying coffin because it's shape allows it to roll frequently. You can also go to see the monkeys, although we did not, we would have like to as they have the big nose monkey here or on an island somewhere but we'll have to come back and se them some other time.

Other than that there is not a whole lot to see. We took a trip over the border to Malaysia for a couple of days. We drove 1.5hrs outside Miri, to the Niah caves. You can stay fairly cheaply at a little Hostel upstairs next to Wheels night club and make a day trip the next day to the caves. These are extremely worth a look a huge cavern and tunnel system, pitch black so take a torch and a good one! Picture opportunities are fantastic. It could be straight out of the movies in some areas. Guess what! These are the smaller of the caves in Malaysia, Gua Niah, Sarawak area. If you want to do these caves you will need to take a couple of dollars and a packed lunch. The money is for the entry fee and the boat ride over the river. You will need some good walking shoes and beware the side path to the long house village, it is so slippery when wet that you slide just standing on the boards as Lynne found out. This of course leaves out the fallen trees and slightly off set or sloping sections (about 2km's long). Once you reach the cave you will be in awe...I tried to take some pictures using the highest resolution i could but it was no use the caves won and it is a see to believe thing once again. It was such a great day trip and will stay in my mind for a long time. we splurged a bit when we returned and went to a little restaurant called “Cafe Miri” this is a little place run by a guy who went to Australia and learnt western cuisine there so it was such a delicious treat to get a steak sandwich where the steak did not taste like old buffalo or goat and the meat he uses is top quality, so soft and tender!

The address is shop 2120-2121, Jalan Bulan Sabit, Taman Yakin.
Xmas dinner preparationsXmas dinner preparationsXmas dinner preparations

Lisa is the boss in this house and Russell lets her believe it!
Ph: 085 425122, the owner speaks fantastic English and the staff are good to. Email: for reservations.
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Still a lot to cover.

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Lynne is rockin to the tunesLynne is rockin to the tunes
Lynne is rockin to the tunes

Karaoke has a lot to answer for this night!
So huge!So huge!
So huge!

What a mouth!
Dark stair cases, Dark stair cases,
Dark stair cases,

the flash from the camera means that everyone stops until their eye's re-adjust.
An obstacle in our pathAn obstacle in our path
An obstacle in our path

On the way back to the car, down a 2km wooden board walk...hmmm...slippery and slight blockages made the trip slow going.

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