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Asia » Bhutan » Trongsa February 12th 2016

After a day resting I was feeling a bit better so agreed to carry on as planned. There is only one East/West road and Dendup had been mentioning that this was in the process of being widened so wasn't in great condition in parts - we hadn't realised quite how bad this meant it was but we were soon to find out and realise that we were very lucky being on our own in a Land Cruiser rather than in a bigger group in a bus! The original road, built in the 1960s, is only single track winding around the edge of mountains so there is a government programme to widen it but it's a huge project involving cutting further into the mountainside. Much of the work appears to be done by Indian labourers though there ... read more
Black necked crane
Trongsa Dzong

Asia » Bhutan » Trongsa October 29th 2012

Monday 29thOct We take off around 9 today for the Kings Palace. We meet the Master of Discipline, a very foreboding and serious man. I ask if I can take his picture and at first he is reluctant, but Palden says he agrees if we can send a copy of the photo when we get home. This man is responsible for the physical discipline of the young monks. He walks around beating the ground with a huge thick piece of leather and his arms are also adorned with other forms of whipping tools made of wood and ivory etc. We are on our way to Jakar, Bhumtang today to attend the festival tomorrow. It actually starts with a fire ceremony tonight and dancing at midnight. Shane's pretty keen – lots of naked dancing apparently. Another cosy ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Trongsa May 1st 2011

Trongsa Dzong is the largest of all the dzongs in Bhutan, and still retains importance as a center for government administration. In fact, before becoming king, the son of the king must serve as governor of Trongsa first, in what sounds to be similar to the concept of the Prince of Wales. The secular offices are contained in one end of the dzong, while about 300-400 monks occupy the other end. The structure has lots of fortress-style arrow-shooting vantage points, vestiges of the days when Trongsa Dzong was a critical fortress in fending off maurading invaders from other valleys before the separate regions were unifed in the late 19th century. Also, Trongsa Dzong is where the annual (December) techu festival takes place where the gigantic thangka is unveiled and the ritual dances are performed. We had ... read more
Trongsa Dzong
Trongsa Dzong
Trongsa Dzong

Asia » Bhutan » Trongsa October 4th 2006

Waking up to yet another sunny day in the Punak Chhu valley. After a light breakfast I sneak outside for some quick morning views before departing for Wangdi. The hotel is situated in a residential neighbourhod of Lobesa with typical two-three story apartment blocks and smaller houses and sheds. The roads are littered with primary school students of varying ages walking to school in their blue and grey uniforms. I walk down the road with some 3rd grade students who are both curious and shy at the same time, and speak a lot better English than many grown ups in this country. As I head back to the hotel I learn that Tshering and Dorji had a pretty lousy night, having had to make do with a shared a room with other staffers. Seems the Y.T. ... read more
Apartment blocks, Lobesa
The village of Rinchengang
Cactii by the Punak Chhu river

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