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September 21st 2007
Published: September 26th 2007
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From Paro we made our way out to Thimphu by mini-bus (not like the little yellow one on road trip). The roads are incredibly worn and bumpy, not to mention there being an excessive amount of cow poop, and much of the way they are constructing to widen the road. This is for next year when the country will introduce a new constitution which will move it to a parliamentary democracy in 2008. Anyway, we passed by a dzong (temple), the Tamchhog Lhakhang. I will leave you to look through my pictures that were also sent in the email for the explanations of what I have seen. Shortly thereafter we hit Chhuzom, where the mother river and the father river merge also called the confluence. It is here that we have now left Paro Valley and begin traveling on to Thimphu. We passed by many construction workers on the side of the road…most of which are Indian workers who have sought out Bhutan for better opportunities. It’s really unimaginable to me though…they have little heavy equipment and use very basic means to expand the road and pave it. There are no goggles or hard hats and they sit on the side of the road, men and women alike, with their children even.

Upon arrival, we dropped off my bags at the Hotel Druk Sherig, which I have to say exceeded my expectations, mind you it is no Mandarin Oriental. Afterwards we headed up to one of the view points to see a magnificent view of the town from above. There were also many many prayers flags here. It made for some interesting photos for me. We then moved on to the Motithang Takin Preserve to see Bhutan’s national animal, the takin. Pretty uneventful but interesting to see what one looks like.

Because I had only had two hours of sleep the night before I was EXHAUSTED! I took a nap before dinner for an hour, forgetting to take out my contacts, which made my eyes hurt even more…ugh…I got up and met my guide, Tshultrim for dinner…scarfed my food down and ran back upstairs by 8 to go to sleep for the night. I was still pooped and it was very much needed!

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